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September 2, 2022

DBS Coins Review: Learn The Ways Of This Company!

Welcome to my DBS Coins Review! 

Want to keep your money safe and secure? Invest cautiously! You could find what you're looking for in DBS Coins. But then again, maybe not. The company, like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. Read on to see if this solution meets your requirements!

DBS Coins Quick Summary

Name: DBS Coins

Website: dbscoins.com

Owner: David Smoler

Price: Depends on the products

Rating: 3/5

DBS Coins logo

What Is DBS Coins?

The DBS Coins company was founded and is still run by the same family for years now. Its headquarters are in Dana Point, California, and it was founded in 2008.

The primary goal of the business is to become an effective dealer in precious metals and a provider of Gold IRAs. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products that are eligible for use in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are the main focus of the inventory, with a few collectible coins thrown in for good measure.

Brinks operates the storage facilities, and New Direction IRA and GoldStar Trust Company are the chosen custodians. It appears that not all of the things that were previously offered for purchase online are still there. Plus, DBS Coins' leadership staff is shrouded in mystery.

Despite the absence of background details, BBB identifies David Smoler as the company's founder and president.

DBS Coins Products And Services

An extensive variety of gold bars, gold coins, silver bars, silver coins, palladium, platinum, and numismatic coins are just some of the investment options available at DBS Coins.

Gold Bars

DBS Coins products 1-min

Gold Coins

DBS Coins products 2-min

Silver Bars

DBS Coins products 3-min

Silver Coins

DBS Coins products 4-min


DBS Coins products 5-min

IRA Services

There are some IRA options offered by the company. A free consultation is always ready, you just need to give out your contact information and details about the metals of interest in the form provided on their page. You'll then have a conversation with a staff member about your IRA investment choices.

Meanwhile, both New Direction IRA and Gold Star Trust are approved custodians for DBS Coins. You'll have to pick a business to partner with. You should then get in touch with the caretaker. DBS Coins won't act as a middleman between you and your custodian, unlike some other IRA businesses.

Storage Services

DBS Coins partners with Brinks Global Security to offer customers a safe place to store their coins. Vaults can be rented in several areas in the US, as well as in other countries such as Canada, Singapore, Switzerland, and Germany.

You can choose from New York, Salt Lake City, or Los Angeles as depositories if you’re within the United States.

How Does It Work?

DBS Coins sells its products both online and over the phone. However, there are limits that can be spent when buying online.

  • Bank Wire is good for $80,000.00.
  • Check is good for $30,000.00.
  • Paypal and credit cards are good for $1,500.00.

For orders over $80,000, you will be asked to carry out your business over a phone call.

Also, when you spend more than $25 in the United States, DBS Coins will ship your order at no extra cost.

DBS Coins Ratings And Review

We've included a variety of DBS Coins reviews, ratings, and complaints from established consumer reports and various rating websites for your perusal below.

DBS Coins rating 1
DBS Coins rating 2
DBS Coins rating 3
DBS Coins rating 4
DBS Coins rating 5

What I Like About DBS Coins

  • Is a PNG, PCGS, and NGC Member
  • Accepts online orders
  • Delivery is on the house!
  • Extensive selection of goods

What I Don't Like About DBS Coins

  • Unaccredited by the Better Business Bureau
  • There is a lack of customer feedback.
  • Restrictions on potential methods of payment

Is DBS Coins A Scam?

DBS Coins is not a hoax, I assure you. It's a real company with real people and real products.

So, is it safe to trust this organization, or should you look elsewhere?

They are a respectable business with great offerings. Furthermore, the company's membership in several groups attests to its credibility. However, they are not the best business out there as there are not many customer reviews available for this business. Plus, it doesn't seem to be the perfect company for bulk buyers!

Final Thoughts

The DBS Coins team serves clients all around the United States. Due to their modest size, customer feedback is scarce on the internet. Some clients have already voiced displeasure about problems with shipment and insurance.

Nonetheless, the company has addressed all of the concerns raised, but not all of them have been rectified. It's unclear from the lack of a conclusion whether or not they were successful in getting their money back.

Since this is the case, we suggest finding a new dealer to work with - Goldco!

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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