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May 4, 2022

iTrust Capital 2022 Review: Is This A Legit Cryptocurrency Company?

Welcome to my iTrust Capital Review 2022

What is iTrust Capital? More so, is this company legit? Is this company worth joining? Also, what kind of precious metals do they offer? 

Let’s find out!

iTrust Capital

Summary Review

  • Name: iTrust Capital, Inc.
  • Website: https://itrustcapital.com/
  • Founder: Todd Southwick
  • Cash Minimum: $1,000
  • IRA Minimum: N/A
  • Fees: Fee Schedule Shown Below
  • Rating: 4.1/5.0
iTrust Capital Review 2022

What is iTrust Capital?

iTrust Capital Review 2022

iTrustCapital is the leading digital asset IRA platform that allows clients to directly buy and sell cryptocurrencies and physical gold in real-time through their retirement accounts.

More so, it allows you to invest in cryptocurrencies using your IRA. More so, you can:
  • Buy and Sell Crypto 24/7
  • Over 25+ Cryptocurrencies, Gold, and Silver
  • No Monthly Fees and Only 1% Transaction Fees
  • Roth, SEP, or Traditional IRA Available
  • NEW! Only $1,000 Account Opening Minimum

Aside from that, you will be able to get:

  • Tax Advantages
    All transactions are tax-free in an IRA.
  • 24/7 Investing
    Invest 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Low Costs
    There are no setup fees or monthly fees, and transaction fees are only 1%.

Furthermore, they also provide protection for your assets using:

iTrust Capital Review 2022

How It Works?

Create an account, select your IRA type, fund your account, and begin investing 24/7 from your personal dashboard.

Also, iTrustCapital has a team to assist with the onboarding process. Please contact their customer experience team if you need help!

How to Get Started?

1. Firstly, from their homepage, iTrustCapital.com, you will click “Create Account”.

2. Secondly, fill in the information indicated and again click "Create Account".

3. Next, you will receive an email that you will need to open and click through to confirm your email address.

4. Then, you will find the “Start Your Application” button at the top of your screen.

5. After that, you can start filling in the data wizard with your personal information.

6. Then, choose the Type of IRA you want to open and how you will fund it.

7. Also, enter your beneficiaries, this is who would inherit your IRA upon your passing. You must have at least one primary beneficiary. Click "Save Beneficiary".

8. Laslty, your application is now submitted and your initial funding event has been created. If you are doing more than one funding event or want to add funds in the future, click “Contribute”.

How To Self-Trade?

1. Once you have confirmed there are funds available, click on "Assets" to view a list of available selections. Click an individual asset to see additional details for it. From here you can click "buy/sell" to self-trade within your iTrustCapital account.

2. More so, to buy an asset: select the "buy" tab and enter the dollar amount that you would like to purchase. The green button across the bottom of the form will allow you to preview the self-trade info one last time before selecting "Submit Market Order".

3. Next, to sell an asset: select the "sell" tab and a sell order will pop up. You can now enter the amount that you would like to sell. The green button across the bottom of the form will allow you to preview the self-trade info one last time before selecting "Submit Market Order".

4. Lastly, self-trades clear in about 45 seconds, and settle in about 2 minutes, so you will be able to see your self-trades clear in real-time.

Reviews and Ratings of iTrust Capital

Here are some of the reviews of iTrust Capital for 2022:

iTrust Capital Review 2022
iTrust Capital Review 2022

What I Like About iTrust Capital

Transparent Fees and Freebies

With iTrust Capital, you won't need to pay an account setup fee and/or storage fees.

Aside from these, they are very transparent with what fees you're going to pay. They are all posted in their website.

On the other hand, a monthly $29.95 account fee gets billed to your credit card. The first billing occurs when you finish your application during the account setup process. Subsequent charges happen on the same day of each month. Per-transaction fees are 1% for cyber currency transactions or $50 over spot for gold.

Straightforward Platform

iTrust Capital's platform is very straightforward. 

Also, it allows you to buy and sell assets in a few minutes. More so, the orders are cleared within 5 minutes. They also provide 24/7 order placement and portfolio monitoring services, thus, you can trade anytime!

Aside from these, both live chat and phone customer service are available.

Tax-advantaged cryptocurrency accounts

iTrustCapital makes it easy to put cryptocurrency into an IRA. Its user-friendly system lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies, gold, and silver.

More so, you can use a self-directed IRA to put some of your retirement savings into cryptocurrency. Choose between a Roth IRA, a traditional IRA, and a SEP IRA for either tax-free or tax-deferred gains on your crypto investments.

What I Don't Like About iTrust Capital

Limited cryptocurrency selection

Despite the growing number of cryptocurrencies, there's only limited selection that you can trade within iTrust Capital's platform. 

Here's what they offer:

No interest-bearing account

On the other hand, you can receive interest on your bitcoin holdings in some cryptocurrency accounts, including other crypto IRAs.

Then, this means that any growth in value as well as interest payments benefit you. It's similar to equities that pay dividends.

iTrustCapital does not pay interest on your cryptocurrencies, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Is iTrust Capital a SCAM?

The firm is a bitcoin IRA broker with a precious metals IRA as well. Because of its user-friendly platform for investing in cryptocurrencies, exceptional service, and reasonably reasonable costs, we discovered that iTrustCapital is one of the leading alternatives when it comes to bitcoin IRAs in our review.

Thus, they are not a SCAM this 2022.

However, you should remember that this involves cryptocurrencies and that are known for its high volatility. You should always be cautious in making investments.

Final Thoughts 

When making investments, we should always consider the risks and danger of what we invest our money in.

Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. It may make you a millionaire in a second, or can make you lose your investments in that same second.

Thus, gold and precious metals IRA are your best option!

GOLDCO is a company that offers great gold and precious metals IRA, they are recognized in this industry!

Just click below to know more about them!

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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