Monetary Gold Review: Explore the Truths of This Company

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What is Monetary Gold?

Monetary Gold Review

  • Name: Monetary Gold
  • Website:
  • Owner: Not Mentioned
  • Price: Clients pay $100 per year to store and insure up to $100,000 of gold. After the first $100,000, it costs $1 for every $1,000 of gold.
  • Rating: 4.8/5

Monetary Gold is a company that offers Gold and Precious Metals IRA for individuals who want to attain a truly diversified investment strategy, wherein they will help you pursue portfolio protection in troubled times and growth during times of prosperity.

This company has been in the industry since the year 2000.

Through Monetary Gold, individuals can purchase physical gold and precious metals and have them delivered in their doorstep.

On the other hand, they can also have all or some of the portions of their existing IRAs or 401(k) into a Gold or Precious Metals IRA.

Given that this company have been in the industry for a long time, they take pride in their pricing, their ability to acquire gold or precious metals directly which eliminates middleman mark-ups!

Why Should You Choose Monetary Gold?

Monetary Gold is proud of the following characteristics:

  1. Experience – They have tons of experience when it comes to gold and precious metals
  2. Protection – They help you by protecting the value of your wealth despite any political follies
  3. Large Selection – Monetary Gold offers you gold, silver, and platinum bullion, and even a large selection of Semi-Numismatic U.S. Coins & Foreign Coins
  4. Workshops – They provide free workshops so that you’ll again knowledge and have consultation privileges from their trusted advisors
  5. Free Shipping – They give you free shipping, included with their free client assistance privileges
  6. A+ Rating – They are accredited with high rating from the BBB

Monetary Gold Review

Products Offered by Monetary Gold

Monetary Gold offers Gold & Precious Metals IRA. They offer services from converting traditional IRA to precious metals IRA. Here are some of the precious metals that Monetary Gold offers:

Monetary Gold Review

For the mean time, they only offer Gold & Silver Investments.

Monetary Gold Review

Their investment products are well-detailed. They’ve indicated the following on each description of their investment products:

  • Type of Metal
  • Class
  • Gross weight
  • Composition
  • Content
  • Condition
  • Inclusive Dates

What is the Process of Applying for a Gold IRA in Monetary Gold?

Through Monetary Gold, you can place gold or precious metals in your IRA. You can do this without any taxes or penalties. However, the government of the United States has restrictions when it comes to this. You can only put curtain coins in your IRAs.

Nevertheless, this is very precious to many investors and if you are talking about safe and long-term investment, this will fit you best.

So, how can you apply for one?

Monetary Gold has a three simple steps to help you have your own Gold or Precious Metals IRA. Here are the steps:

Monetary Gold Review

  • First Step- Establish a Gold or Precious Metals IRA

You will do this through the specialist that Monetary Gold provides. However, even if Monetary Gold mentions that you do not need to have a financial advisor to set you up an account, you must get a financial advisor.

With a financial advisor, they can provide non-biased advises and be honest with you about your finances.

Monetary Gold usually takes 48-72 hours to process your account.

  • Second Step- Fund your IRA

After your account is processed, you need to fund your IRA.

You can make your contribution to your Gold IRA from your existing accounts. This existing account can be a qualified IRA or a 401k.

  • Third Step- Get Precious Metals

Once you have funded your Gold or Precious Metals IRA, you need the precious metals itself.

Your IRA specialist from Monetary Gold will call you to create a purchase order from your chosen metals.

Monetary Gold will have your metals put in a depository on your behalf. Upon acquisition, your precious metals will be carefully inspected, processed, and have them insured.

The custodian for your IRA will be responsible in the precious metals’ statements, holdings, and liquidation in the future.

You can also monitor your account online.

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Monetary Gold: Ratings and Reviews

Monetary Gold is rated and accredited by the following:

  • BBB Rating and Accreditation: Rated A+ and Accredited since 2013
  • BBB Customer Reviews: 5/5 (Average of 15 reviews)
  • Trustlink Rating: 5-stars (Average of 8 reviews)
  • Consumer Affairs: Almost 5-Star Rating (Based on 21 ratings) and Authorized Partner

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What I Like About Monetary Gold

  • Direct Dealer of Gold & Precious Metals

For investors and individuals who wants to make the most of their money, it is a good investment to choose companies like Monetary Gold. They directly deal with the gold and precious metals products.

As a result, you will acquire more value of gold and precious metals because you will avoid any middleman markups.

  • Highly-rated and a Lot of Positive Reviews

Monetary Gold has a lot of positive reviews. So, people are happy and satisfied with their services and products.

If we are choosing gold and precious metals IRA companies, it is good to choose those that are liked by many.

So, we better read reviews like this so you will know what options do you have if you are choosing a company.

What I Hate About Monetary Gold

  • Prices are not unavailable online

Monetary Gold, though has a very detailed description of their products, does not include price.

This is beneficial for them since they don’t disclose their ‘direct’ prices. However, clients may not like this since they cannot create an instant comparison of prices.

  • Available only on Weekdays

If they are only available on weekdays, most individuals who are working during these times cannot contact you since you’re not available.

So, they won’t be that much accessible to potential clients who are busy during weekdays.

  • Long Processing

Monetary Gold usually takes 48 to 72 hours to process and complete your application.

Aside from this, the process of having your Gold and Precious Metals IRA takes two more weeks.

  • Only Gold and Silver are Available

Even though they are direct dealers, as of the moment, they only offer gold and silver for your Gold or Precious metals IRA. So, you only have a limited options when it comes to choosing products.

Is Monetary Gold a Scam?

In this Monetary Gold Review, our verdict is…


They are a legitimate company and having them as your Gold and Precious metals IRA provider can be a good choice.

They are direct dealers of precious metals and that is their best asset. However, they seem as though they are out of reach since they are only available at a selected time of a week.

Final Thoughts

I think as a company offering gold and precious metals IRA, you should consider the availability of your customers or clients.

Most of them are not available in the weekends. As a result, they will move out of their way to acquire your services, and that is not very friendly and accommodating.

If you want someone who’s available anytime, I highly recommend GOLDCO.

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However, you should keep in mind that even though it promises a lot of good things, investments are still investments. It doesn’t mean that you’ll earn money, lose money, or for it to remain constant.

Investments always carry risks, so you better read, gather knowledge, and think about everything before you create decisions.

We don’t want to put something that we’ve earned greatly with all our lives to something that we did not carefully think about.

Be smart and read, read, and read reviews!

Like this:

I hope you were able to gain something from this Monetary Gold review!

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