Royal Gold Review: Are they really THE GOLD STANDARD?

Welcome to my review of Royal Gold!

The company claims to be the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to precious metals investment!

Should we believe them? Can they really keep their word?

Royal Gold provides investors exposure to precious metals without many of the risks of investing in traditional precious metal producers.

So, how’s that?

Let’s now get to know Royal Gold!

What is Royal Gold?

Royal Gold Review

  • Name: Royal Gold, Inc.
  • Website:
  • CEO/Owner: William H. Heissenbuttel
  • Rating: 3.8/5.0

The company began in 1981, as Royal Resources Corporation, an oil and gas exploration, and production company. After several good years, oil prices collapsed in 1986, and this led the company to shift its focus from oil and gas to gold.

At the time, Mr. Dempsey was a director of Royal Resources and co-founder of Denver Mining Finance Corporation (DMFC), a merchant bank to mining companies. Later in 1986, Royal Resources acquired DMFC. The newly formed company was called Royal Gold.

Today, Royal Gold is a precious metal streaming and royalty company, owning interests in several of the world’s most attractive mines. 

Basically, they acquire and manage precious metals streams, royalties, and similar interests in mining projects operated by third parties.

Their business model is designed to provide shareholders with long-term exposure to resource upside and metal price optionality for the life of a mining project.

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Business Model of Royal Gold

The company’s principal activity is the acquisition and management of precious metal streams and royalty interests.

By partnering with capable operators, they focus on building and managing a diversified, cash-flowing portfolio of precious metal assets, while also accumulating a pipeline of earlier-stage assets that are not yet cash-flowing but have the potential to do so in the future.

Royal Gold Review

Streams and Royalties

  • Streams – A metal stream is a purchase agreement that provides, in exchange for an upfront deposit payment, the right to purchase all or a portion of one or more metals produced from a mine, at a price determined for the life of the transaction by the purchase agreement.
  • Royalties – A royalty is a non-operating interest in a mining project that provides the right to a percentage of revenue or metal produced from the project after deducting specified costs if any.

Streams and royalties can be acquired outright from either a resource company or a private party. In the case of new streams or royalties that are sold to raise financing, the capital provided by Royal Gold is typically directed by their partner companies towards three broad uses:

  • Investing directly in mining assets (for example, for mine development and construction, mine expansion, or funding exploration work)
  • Providing liquidity to strengthen balance sheets
  • Funding merger and acquisition activity

Royal Gold is an attractive financing option for mine operators because they understand their underlying business (both from a technical and financial perspective) and can provide a form of non-dilutive capital with no associated debt obligations.

Key Benefits of Royal Gold’s Business Model

So, what are the benefits of their business model?

  • Upside Optionality – Their transactions are structured to give exposure to potential higher metal prices, future production expansion, and resource conversion.
  • Limited Downside – Their investments are less exposed to operating and capital cost risks.
  • Efficiency – Their business model is scalable and allows us to operate effectively with only a fraction of the employees of a producing mining company.
  • Versatility – The royalty and streaming business can perform throughout the commodity cycle and allows them to invest counter-cyclically in attractive acquisition opportunities during downturns while enjoying leverage to higher commodity prices during upturns.

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Royal Gold’s Portfolio

Royal Gold owns a large portfolio of producing, development, evaluation, and exploration stage streams and royalties on properties. With this high-quality portfolio that spans the development cycle for mining projects, Royal Gold maintains upside potential through exploration success by the operators and generally benefits when new reserves are discovered and produced.

Royal Gold Review

They categorize their portfolio according to periodic reviews of our estimates of the potential revenue contribution and stage of development for each individual property, as follows:

  • Principal Properties are generally in production and are the most significant contributors of revenue to our portfolio.
  • Producing Properties are generally in production and contribute revenue to our portfolio.
  • Development Properties generally do not produce revenue and activity is underway by the operator to develop the properties towards production status.
  • Evaluation and Exploration stage properties do not produce revenue and activity may or may not be underway by the operator to advance the property towards development status.

Reviews and Ratings of Royal Gold

What I LIKE About Royal Gold

They Have a Unique Business Model

With the number of reviews that I have done, Royal Gold’s business model is quite unique. Basically, their business model provides optionality to gold price and production and reserve growth.

More so, their business model has a high operating margin and revenue generation per employee.

Diversified Portfolio

The company has global diversification with revenue from 41 producing properties, as of June 30, 2021.

More so, their FY2021 revenue is 74% from gold, derived mostly from primary precious metals assets. 

Furthermore, the company is well-capitalized with ~$1.2B of liquidity (at June 30, 2021) and strong operating cash flow. They also have a $1B credit facility that provides low cost and flexible access to liquidity.

What I HATE About Royal Gold

Not for Everyone

After reviewing their website and business model, they really do have a promising business where you can invest from. However, it is very complicated, and if you are looking for somewhere to invest your retirement funds, I think this is not the place.

It also did not mention how much is the minimum amount to invest. 

So, I think it’s not for everyone, it is for the rich folks.

Did Not Mention ROIs

I think for anyone who wants to invest, their initial question is how long would be the return of investment.

However, it did not really mention anything about ROIs.

It is full of charts and graphs on their performance, but no realistic computations were provided.

Limited Reviews

The company also has limited reviews and ratings. They are not accredited by trusted review websites and others.

Is Royal Gold a SCAM?

With their complicated but very promising business model, THEY ARE NOT A SCAM.

More so, the company has been in the industry for a long time.

So, that’s one way to guarantee their legitimacy.

However, it is still a business and you will be investing in their business and not in the actual precious metal.

So, that’s something to consider.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to investing, what you need to do is to do A LOT OF RESEARCH!

You should always remember that investments bear risks, and so, we should keep in mind that we may gain or lose as we move forward.

More so, investing in precious metals is different from investing in a business that invests in precious metals.

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