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September 22, 2022

USAGOLD Review: Is This Company Worth Working With? (2022)

Welcome to my USAGOLD Review.

Investing in precious metals is quite expensive and risky because there is a chance that you might lose your money or gain some depending on how you handle your investment.

But the question is USAGOLD a legit precious metal company? Can this company help you in your investment?

Well, let's find out.

This review will take an in-depth review of USAGOLD and see if it is legitimate or not or is just a waste of time and money.

In this review, we will try to answer all your questions about USAGOLD and understand more about this company and see if it is a scam or not.

USAGOLD Quick Summary

  • Name: USAGOLD
  • Website: www.usagold.com
  • Founder: Michael J. Kosares
  • Fees: $40 shipping for orders under $10,00
  • Rating: 3/5 



USAGOLD is a family-owned precious metals firm that Michael J. Kosares founded in the 1970s.

In 1996, Kosares published a book called The ABCs of Gold Investing.

This book, the first of three versions published in a variety of languages, has educated thousands of readers about the benefits and logistics of investing in gold as a private investor.

Investors seeking security and market expertise continue to be drawn to USAGOLD.

The company's executives and employees are committed to delivering advice that is tailored to each individual client's unique set of investment goals and risk tolerance.

The company is also one of the oldest companies in the gold industry, and they are known as Centennial Precious Metals, Inc.

How Does USAGOLD Work?

If you want to purchase precious metals with USAGOLD, there are two options.

The option is you can either call them at 1-800-869-5115 or Email them.

According to their websites, you should remit your payment by wire or personal check.

USAGOLD Products and Services

USAGOLD silver

The inventory at USAGOLD consists of IRA-approved gold and silver coins and bars, historic fractional gold coins, historic U.S. gold coins, and collectibles.

Regarding IRA-eligible products, some of the options include the American Gold Eagle, American Gold Buffalo, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the Gold Austrian Philharmonic, and the Gold Australian Kangaroo.

For available silver options, there is the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, the American Silver Eagle, and the Silver Austrian Philharmonic.

At present, USAGOLD has no palladium or platinum products available for investment.

You can also sell the products to the company and if you want to know the full details on how to do it check the details here.

How to Set Up a Gold IRA or 401(k) Rollover

A self-directed IRA formed with a reputable company also allows you to invest in gold and other precious metals through the purchase of bullion and coins.

When it comes to investing, self-directed plans provide you more leeway to do things your way. Precious metals are one example of these possibilities.

USAGOLD makes it easy and quick to open a precious metals IRA or 401(k). You can do so with the help of an experienced representative.

You have the option of opening an account either online or over the phone.


USAGOLD's website is silent on the subject of their pricing structure, despite their assurance that they provide reasonable rates on precious metals investments. In order to learn more about the company's pricing structure, you need to get in touch with the service desk.

USAGOLD Storage and Custodians

USAGOLD is partnered with the world-renowned Delaware Depository.

This depository company has facilities in Delaware, Wilmington, Seal Beach, and California. 

These depositories offer both segregated or non-segregated storage options, and they are fully insured through one of the oldest insurance companies Lloyd’s of London.

Delaware Depository also has international storage options for those who choose, with facilities in Toronto, ON, Canada, and Zurich, Switzerland.

Equity Trust Company provides custodial services.

USAGOLD Ratings and Reviews

Upon my research, the only review website I can see is BBB

Here they gave USAGOLD an A+ and a 5/5 rating with an average of 10 reviews.

There are no complaints here, and all I can see are positive reviews about the company that shows how good the company is.

USAGOLD bbb 1-min
USAGOLD bbb 2-min

What I Like About USAGOLD

  • It has been around for 49 years

Currently, USAGOLD is a leading business with a significant influence. The business has grown a sizable audience and a thriving sector over the years.

  • Perfect BBB rating

Most of the feedback on BBB is excellent which speaks volumes. Many investors have praised the company's website for the wealth of helpful information it offers.

  • Experts in the gold and silver industry

Michael J. Kosares, the founder, is both an expert on gold and a great author. He has assisted a great number of people with their gold investment needs over the years with his book.

  • Positive reviews

This is important as consumers gain confidence in a business, its products, or its services based on the feedback of others.

What I Don't Like About USAGOLD

  • Products are only limited to gold and silver

Its competitors offer a greater range of items than them, providing clients more options, which is why some customers prefer other companies over them.

  • Lack of reviews

Potential clients feel more risky as a result of the lack of reviews, which lessens their likelihood of investing in this business.


I can say that USAGOLD is not a scam. The company has been around for 48 years, and they are still active to this day.

A top-notch professional approach is provided by this reputable gold company for assisting individual clients in making successful investments in precious metals.

It is clear that this company is legit as they got a lot of positive reviews, and they have an A+ rating with BBB.

Also, the family that owns this company is composed of experts in the world of gold and silver.

They have plenty of knowledge serving both new and long-standing customers effectively. This company has a stellar product delivery track record, and they prioritize the demands of each customer equally.

Final Thoughts

Now you know about USAGOLD and why this is a legit company.

Some companies don't survive for more than 5 years; but USAGOLD, they have been around for 48 years which means that this company gave their clients what they needed, as you can see all the positive reviews on BBB.

However, it is up to you to decide if you want to invest in this company if you have the budget to spend.

But if you are not satisfied with this company and you are looking for a better alternative, you can always check out Augusta Precious Metals. Learn more about Augusta by clicking the button below!

Thank you for taking the time to read my USAGOLD review. 

If you have any questions or experiences with this company, please share in the comments below.

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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