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August 22, 2021

Forex Gold Investor Review: Is this software worth investing?

Welcome to my review of Forex Gold Investor!

Are you interested in investing? Are you an existing or a potential investor?

If so, I know you have probably found yourself looking into gold and precious metal investments!

They are well-known in the investment world and so, many companies promise the perks of investing in gold and precious metals!

So, let’s get to know Forex Gold Investor!

What is Forex Gold Investor?

Forex Gold Investor Review

Forex Gold Investor is trading software. It offers a trading system for precious metals investors.

It is developed by one of the most famous forex companies, called Forex Automater Company.

Aside from that, no further details are provided about this company.

Products and Services of Forex Gold Investor

Let’s get to know Forex Gold Investor!

What are the perks of availing Forex Gold Investor?

  1. Frequent trading to maximize profit opportunities
  2. Full MT4 compatibility
  3. Easy 5-Minute Installation
  4. Drawdown Protection System
  5. Precise Entry and Exit Trading Algorithms
  6. Revolutionary “Go Long” Trading System
  7. Intelligent Money-Management System
  8. Set and Forget

Here’s the interface of the Forex Gold Investor software:

Forex Gold Investor Review

Given so, gold is known as the best choice for investors who wants consistent high profit and minimal loss. 

Traders have always used Gold as a hedge against downturns in the equities markets. But what you might not know is that winning investor trade (and profit) from gold – when times are good or bad!

As a matter of fact, trading precious metals is easy when you have the right tools.

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Forex GOLD Investor is:

  • Easy to use: It isn’t swayed by emotion. Their adaptive algorithms perfectly execute each trade.
  • One of the most rigorously tested EAs available. Their team has stress-tested the EA with historical tests and thousands of real-life trades.
  • Sophisticated enough for veterans and simple enough for new Gold traders. No need to learn an inch-thick manual to start trading – just follow a few basic rules.
  • Forex GOLD Investor was developed by professional traders and programmers with very long experience.

The 3-step development process of Forex GOLD Investor

  1. They have tested all proven “buy on deep”, “buy and hold”, “scalp the trend” and other impulse and trend following strategies.
  2. They selected the best performing models and
  3. Refined and enhanced the best models into highly efficient proprietary algorithms.

Features of Forex GOLD Investor

Here’s what you’ll be expecting with your own Forex GOLD Investor:

  • Forex GOLD Investor Trading System that’s fully compatible with your preferred MT4 trading platform.
  • Forex GOLD Investor Quick-Start Guide to get you started in five minutes.
  • Quick-Response Help Desk to answer your queries any time.
  • “Vault” Money-Management System
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Lifetime Updates from Forex GOLD Investor Algorithm

Reviews and Ratings of Forex Gold Investor

 Forex Gold Investor Review

Sadly, there’s no available reviews, ratings, or client feedback from trusted websites or accreditation websites for Forex Gold Investor.

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What I LIKE about Forex Gold Investor

Trial Period + Money Back Guarantee

You can use the software as much as you like for 60 days without risks. You can also watch it perform during your live trading sessions. More so, you can record your profits and decide if Forex GOLD Investor is right for you.

If not, contact them and they will happily refund your investment. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Preferred Choice of Broker

Since we are investing, you can use Forex Gold Investor with any broker that offers the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

Risk-free Trading

Since we are relying on a robot to do our work, it works just fine. If there are good conditions for trade (buy or sell) the robot will take the necessary actions. If there are no good conditions the robot will wait for the most suitable moment to open an order.

Aside from that, they offer a demo account to practice and monitor trading as much as you like!

Minimum Investment

The minimum amount depends on your brokerage company. You can start trading with a small amount as $100-$500. But don’t forget the fact that trading with a small amount may be a disadvantage because you will only be able to trade the market in small sizes. The recommended capital is $1,000-$5,000 of course you can test it with a Demo account first.

What I HATE About Forex Gold Investor

It is only a trading platform

Well, if you don’t have the time and leisure to monitor your investments, this is not the best choice. 

Not an IRA

Again, Forex Gold Investor is just an automated trading platform and when you want an IRA, you should go for a company that offers both precious metals and a partnership with a trusted company for your IRAs.

No Client Feedback

Well, if you look into their website or anywhere on the web, you won’t see reviews and ratings. So, I am not so sure if you would like to invest in it. The program itself is also very costly. 

Is Forex Gold Investor a Scam?

I am not so sure if Forex Gold Investor is a scam or not.

However, since they offer a 60-day trial period with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, it is not that risky to invest in them for a while and try the program.

More so, the program has no client feedback. 

This makes judging if the program is a scam or not. So, there’s really room for doubt for this one.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to investing, let us go to the best one available!

Through this, you’ll know if the investment that you have can be trusted or what.

So, when it comes to investing (which is not a small amount of money) let us go for the best!

In this, I will recommend GOLDCO!

Goldco is the best in the industry when it comes to investing in gold and precious metals! You may know more about them by clicking below!

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I hope you find this review beneficial! Thank you for reading!



Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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