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September 5, 2022

GoldMint Review: Will This Upgrade The Investment Industry?

Welcome to my GoldMint Review!

Are you interested in moving forward when it comes to the world of investments?

GoldMint is one of them, making the world of investments within arms reach!

So, let's get to know and explore GoldMint! Can you trust this company?

GoldMint Quick Summary

  • Name: GoldMint
  • Website: https://www.goldmint.io/
  • CEO/Owner: Dmitry Plutschevsky
  • Price: Varies
  • Rating: 3.0/5.0
  • goldmint logo

    What is GoldMint?

    GoldMint what is it

    The GoldMint Company is a global network of Custody Bot terminals, both proprietary and franchised.

    They are also designed to implement the exchange of physical gold to local fiat currency or GOLD cryptocurrency and vice versa.

    More so, GoldMint will be earning commissions on both exchange operations in terminals and transactions in a blockchain network.

    Products and Services of GoldMint

    Since GoldMint mainly offers Custody Bot terminals, that is their main product.

    Custody Bot

    A Custody Bot (Automatic Gold Exchange Kiosk) is a robotized ATM size machine used for assaying, buying, storing pawned gold items as well as for the sale of gold coins and small gold bars.

    More so, this unique equipment can be successfully used in such operations as buying up scrap or gold items, evaluation and temporary custody of precious metals, credit on the security of precious metals, and selling invest gold.

    It also does duty for account managers, professional valuers, bank vaults and reduces transaction costs with physical gold.

    Above all else, all functions are automated and formed into a single ultra-reliable, guaranteed, autonomous, safe, ultimately technological robotic terminal.

    goldmint custody bot

    Technical Specification:

    • Time for jewelry evaluation – 3 minutes.
    • Money transfer to a client’s credit/debit card.
    • X-ray analysis and specific weight measurement
    • Storage and issuance of collateral
    • (W х H х D) – 31,5 х 70,9 х 31,5 inches.
    • Amount of collateral-box units – 100.

    Basically, the machine allows to completely replace a person and allows to scale the gold business. It has fully automated the evaluation, accounting, and payment processes and put everything into the ATM machine body.

    How to earn?

    • Mining gold within a Custody Bot`s network means getting a commission from every single gold operation.
    • For verifications, such transactions miners get rewards in the form of Gold ounces (the part of the transaction).
    • The network has implemented the Proof-of-Stake method. To become a stakeholder, the wallet must contain the NMTP project tokens.
    • The more MNTP utility tokens on the wallet, the more rewards it will receive.

    Gold Cryptocurrency

    GOLD is a cryptocurrency which price is tied to physical gold. The cost of 1 crypto asset GOLD is equal to the cost of 1 troy ounce of 24K gold on the LME (London Metal Exchange).

    More s0, you can exchange USDT for gold and earn on the growth of the value of gold.

    Any volumes for the conversion of dollars into gold and back are provided by automatic hedging instruments on the stock exchanges.

    Digitally, it makes it easier and faster to deal with gold.

    Features of CryptoGold

    • Ability to enter and exit the gold without losses.
    • If your strategy is bought and held, you may receive additional interest. 3.6% per annum in gold ounces can be earned by depositing the gold to a trust management account.
    • The GoldMint company selects and controls the best enterprises operating in the gold turnover sector for transparent investment. Gold processing companies, gold brokers, and pawnshops.

    Reviews and Ratings of GoldMint

    goldmint rating 1
    goldmint rating 3
    goldmint rating 2
    goldmint rating 4

    What I Like About GoldMint

    3.6% interest rate

    When you're buying GOLD, they reinvest your money into the gold-backed loans by some local pawnshop. And you can deposit your GOLD on our website and receive up to 3.6% annually.

    What I Don't Like About GoldMint

    Its Cryptocurrency

    Whatever you say, cryptocurrency is still cryptocurrency. It can make you a millionaire in days and can take all your staked money in a blink of an eye.

    Its volatility is undeniable, and so, it is not the best investment.

    Fees for Gold transaction

    Your fee will depend on how much MNTP you have on your wallet. More MNTP - the bigger discount

    Your MNTP Balance GOLD Transaction Fee

    0 - 9 0.1%

    10 - 999 0.03%

    1000 - 9999 0.003%

    10000+ 0.003% (max 0.002 GOLD)

    It is not backed up by physical gold

    Technically, it is not backed up by physical gold.

    But you can sell to them the GOLD in the personal cabinet and they will buy it for the price of physical gold.

    They plan that in the future you will be able to swap your GOLD token to the gold coin (for example) via Custody bot. Or you will be able to get a delivery of physical gold in exchange for your GOLD tokens, but you will need to pay for delivery.

    Is GoldMint a Scam?

    Well, generally, this is NOT A SCAM.

    However, cryptocurrency is a very volatile market.

    It is very difficult for one to predict how it is and what may happen hours or a day from now.

    So, if you are looking into making your investments stable, this is not the one for you.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to investments, let us focus on making our investments stable and prevent them from going down with the market.

    So, if I were you, explore the world of Gold and Precious Metals IRA, and get the best one in the industry!

    If you want to invest in gold and other precious metals, 

    I highly recommend GOLDCO! They are the #1 recommendation I have for you, and you can know more about them by clicking below!

    Thank you for reading this review 🙂

    Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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