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January 12, 2023

Govmint.com Review. Can They Be Trusted? (2023)

Hello! Welcome to this GovMint.com review! Investing in precious metals is one way to secure your future and GovMint might help you with this. However, you might be wondering if you can trust GovMint. Well, that question is fair since you will be using your hard earned money to purchase their products. 

So, as a responsible customer you would like to do your research about this company first. You need not to look further as this GovMint.com review will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Well, without further ado, join me and let us learn more about them in this GovMint.com review.

GovMint.com Summary Review

  • Name: GovMint
  • Website: www.GovMint.com
  • Founder: Bill Gale
  • Owner: Linda Ticen
  • Rating: 3/5
Govmint.com review

What does GovMint.com do?


GovMint is a rare coins dealer based in Eagan, Minnesota. Plus, they offer a wide array of coins from all over the world. They have over 30 years of experience in this business. Furthermore, the Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) and Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) have certified them. In addition, they also have a licensed product partnership with the Smithsonian.

Even though it sounds like they are connected with the U.S. Government, they are not.

Who is GovMint's founder?


Bill Gale is GovMint's founder and CEO. However according to their BBB page, the owner is another person named Linda Ticen. Bill Gale is a well known numismatist which has sold over 3 billion dollars of rare coins and treasure for the past 37 years. 

In addition, he has also worked as an on-air coin expert on many shopping TV channels. He also co-authored and published the first book that is a reference for United States Proof Sets and Mint Sets. Furthermore, this book has won the "Best Investment Book" award in 2003 given by the Numismatic Literary Guild.

With all these achievements, he has gained a significant amount of following and is now CEO of GovMint.com and ModernCoinMart.  

GovMint.com Products and Services

GovMint.com mainly deals with rare coins like silver, gold, U.S. coins, and coins from other parts of the world. However, they also sell other products like paper currency, accessories, books, and pop culture coins. Their products can be a little bit more expensive than other companies.

Below, you can see the following countries that GovMint.com can ship products:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Unfortunately, it seems that GovMint does not offer any IRA services. If you are someone who is looking for an IRA service, then I recommend you check out Goldco.

How to buy products in GovMint.com?

Purchasing products from GovMint.com is simple since they have an e-commerce website. First, you have to create an account. After that, you can then start choosing the products you want to buy. You can then proceed to checkout where you can fill in your payment and shipping information.

Below, you can find the payment method that they currently accept:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Check/Bank wire (Contact their customer support first)

GovMint.com offers free shipping for orders above $149. However, additional charges may apply for international shipping. For example, there is an additional $10 cost for orders into Canada or $40 for anywhere else. USPS priority mail will ship the orders to the customers.

GovMint.com has a 30-day return policy; however, this does not apply to Bullion and final sale items. If your product is damaged, lost, or stolen you need to file for claims within 30 days of ship date. GovMint will then begin an investigation and they reserve the right to either re-ship your order or refund you. Unfortunately, GovMint does not have a live chat feature on their website. So, if you have concerns or questions then you need to contact them on their hotline number or e-mail address.

GovMint.com Review and Ratings (2023)

There aren't a lot of customer reviews and ratings of GovMint you can find online. However, they do have their BBB page which contains some customer reviews and ratings. Customers rate them 2.7 out of 5 based on 35 customer reviews. Plus, the BBB have accredited them since 1986 and received an A+ grade.


The lack of customer reviews and ratings from other sites is quite disappointing to be honest for a well known company like them. Plus, this is how new customers usually decides on whether to trust a company or not.

If you want a company that is well known and rated by customers, then I suggest you read my review of Goldco. Plus, here is my Top 5 precious metals company list.

What I Like About GovMint.com

  • Wide array of products
  • More than 30 years of experience
  • Certified by other numismatic authorities
  • BBB certified business

What I Don't Like About GovMint.com

  • Lack of customer reviews
  • No live support
  • Poor BBB customer ratings
  • No IRA services
  • A bit more expensive

GovMint.com Review: Final Verdict

Now, we are at the end of this GovMint.com review. So, is GovMint a scam? According to the information that we have learned, GovMint is not a scam! They have been operating for more than 30 years and accredited by well-known numismatic companies. However, because they are well-known they can use this as leverage that is why their products are a bit more expensive than others.

They also do not offer IRA services which is a great way to secure your future.

This is why I recommend GOLDCO. Goldco is a well-known and respected precious metals company that offers IRA services. Plus, they also have hundreds of positive reviews and ratings from customer.

If you want to learn more about Goldco, then click the button below.

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