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May 30, 2022

International Bullion Exchange Review: Do they have quality products?

Welcome to my International Bullion Exchange Review!

Do you want to protect your retirement? Also, is having a precious metals IRA the one for you?

So, read this International Bullion Exchange Review and let's get to know how much they can help in protecting your IRA!

International Bullion Exchange Summary Review

  • Name: International Bullion Exchange, LLC
  • Website: https://ibullionexchange.com/
  • Founder: William and James Alderdice
  • Cash Minimum: N/A
  • IRA Minimum: N/A
  • Fees: N/A
  • Rating: 3.9/5.0
International Bullion Exchange Review

What is International Bullion Exchange?

International Bullion Exchange Review

International Bullion Exchange (“IBX”) is a precious metals dealer with an established reputation as a trusted and dedicated resource for people wanting to diversify their holdings with intelligent precious metals and diamond investments.

More so, they believe that gold, silver and diamonds should be a significant part of anyone’s financial holdings and we provide many convenient methods for purchasing and/or controlling significant values in precious metals and diamond products.

Furthermore, they provide their clientele with access to a select group of certified bullion products, investment grade coins and diamonds, and our exclusive Orion Program.

Also, their products and programs help hedge against the twin evils of inflation and uncertainty that they have in the world today, and to position their clients with assets is there for thousands of years.

Products and Services of International Bullion Exchange

Here's what International Bullion Exchange offers:

Gold Coins

International Bullion Exchange Review


The American Buffalo coin is the only 24-karat gold coin offered by the United States Mint. Also, it was first open to the public in 2006. More so, this was the first time ever that the United States Government began minting pure (.9999) 24-karat gold one ounce coins for the public.

Gold Bars


The 10-ounce gold bullion bar of at least .995 fine purity is the standard industry unit. Furthermore, the gold bullion bars are often for trading and storage.

Also, each gold bar is hallmarked by a leading refiner to certify weight and purity.

Silver Coins and Bars

Platinum Coins and Bars

Palladium Coins and Bars


You can now turn your existing paper assets (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) into actual gold and silver of the highest purity.

Additionally, you can now receive the same preferential tax benefits as stocks or bonds, by rolling over all or part of an existing retirement account into an IBX Precious Metals IRA.

Also, making precious metals a part of your IRA is a great way to diversify and protect your retirement portfolio. More so, precious metals are recession-proof investments that are historically proven hedges against negative economic conditions like inflation, war, housing bubbles and taxation.

Furthermore, with an IBX Precious Metals IRA, it is now possible to safeguard your IRA and your golden years, while receiving the long-term value of mankind’s ultimate standard of wealth.

The Orion Program

Also, international Bullion Exchange’s Orion Program was created to fulfill a need in the investment market place. More so, individuals are currently searching for a safe place to invest their money and store their wealth. Also, banks have proven to be unreliable and poorly managed. Stocks remain unpredictable.

Furthermore, interest rates are historically low and show no signs of keeping pace with inflation. Real Estate, a perennial safe haven, has proven to be one of the worst disasters in recent memory. Through all of this gold, and other precious metals prices have continued to move higher. Also, the Orion Program was designed to offer investors a way to amplify potential profits in a rising precious metals environment.

Furthermore, with the Orion Program you can now control Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium:

  • Purchase with as little as $10,000 down
  • Buy or sell by telephone with no down time or transportation issues
  • Store your precious metal at a federally regulated bank or insured depository vault
  • Receive instant confirmation of price
  • Eleven hour trading days
  • Personalized service for every account
  • Over 25 Years of experience in precious metals

Investment Grade Diamonds

More so, since the middle ages, diamonds have been a desired treasure. But, until now, investing in natural diamonds has not been accessible for most investors. Also, the technical expertise needed, and the lack of reliable, quality standards has been a key barrier for individual investors looking to diversify into diamonds.

That has now changed. Today, high liquidity and transferability, the important traits that help diamonds retain their intrinsic value, and offer an excellent hedge against inflation or loss of currency value, are readily available through International Bullion Exchange (“IBX”).

Reviews and Ratings of International Bullion Exchange

Here's the available reviews and ratings for International Bullion Exchange:

What I Like About International Bullion Exchange

A Lot of Products Available

International Bullion Exchange offers a lot of investment products such as gold, silver, and other precious metals, and even diamonds.

Offers IRA Services

Also, when you want to invest in an IRA, you can have the help of International Bullion Exchange. More so, they have a wide selection of products where you can choose to invest in.

What I Don't Like About International Bullion Exchange

Very Few Reviews

International Bullion Exchange has only one visible customer review, and it was posted way back 2012. So, I don't really recommend this company.

Is International Bullion Exchange a SCAM?

To be a successful investor it requires having your money in the right place at the right time and not only knowing when to buy, but knowing when to sell.

At IBX, they are committed to their clients and enjoy working with them to reach their goals. Their one-on-one service philosophy is just one of the reasons our clients choose to have International Bullion Exchange handle their tangible asset portfolios.

However, we can't really tell if they are a SCAM or NOT. So, be cautious when investing!

Final Thoughts

Investing with the best company is always the best choice!

Goldco is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Triple A by Business Consumer Alliance. Their quality customer service, dependability, and ethical business practices have resulted in thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews.

To know more about this recognized company, click below!

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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