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January 3, 2023

Ladder Life Insurance Review. All You Need To Know (2023)

Welcome to this Ladder Life Insurance Review!

Are you looking for a good insurance company? Well, I guess that's how you found out about Ladder Life Insurance. However before you work with them, you should know more about the company.

So in this Ladder Life Insurance Review, we are going to talk about what this insurance company is all about. 

Without further ado, join me and let us learn more about them.

Ladder Life Insurance Summary Review

  • Name: Ladder Life Insurance
  • Website: https://www.ladderlife.com
  • Founder: Jamie Hale
  • Cash Minimum: Coverage starts at $5/month
  • Rating: 4/5
Logo Reviewed

What is Ladder Life Insurance

Founded in 2015, Ladder Life Insurance is an online insurance company. Ladder Life Insurance sells Term Life Insurance. Now if you don't know what Ladder Life Insurance is, it is an insurance policy that pays if the insured person dies during a specified term.

However, their policies is not issued by them but by their partners which are Allianz Life Insurance Company and Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company.

If you want to avail of their insurance services, know that it you cannot customize your insurance plan. However, for people who just want a simple insurance plan then this type of insurance policy is for them.

Unlike other insurance companies, Ladder Life does not require a medical screening for their customers. However, they are a bit more expensive than other companies for the same term coverage.

Who Founded Ladder Life Insurance?

Jamie Hale Founder

Ladder Life Insurance was founded by Jamie Hale. According to the information that can be found on their website. Jamie Hale founded Ladder Life Insurance because he believed how life insurance can help families during hard times. When he was just 11 years old, Jamie lost his father. So, he used this as an inspiration to build Ladder Life insurance. 

Jamie Hale graduated from Bowdoin College and Harvard Business School. Before founding Ladder Life Insurance, he was a partner at Aldenwood Capital and Jasper Ridge/Oak Hill Investment Management. He also worked for NextCard working on instant credit and the first 'internet enabled' Visa card.

Now, he is focusing on his commitment on helping families who are going through the same experience as him when he was just a kid.

How does Ladder Life Insurance work?

Ladder Life Insurance states on their website that you can avail of their services for as low as $5/month.

All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps and they will give you the price suitable for your needs.

Below, you can see these 3 steps:

Ladder Life Insurance Review Step 1
Ladder Life Insurance Review Step 2
Ladder Life Insurance Review Step 3

Ladder Life Insurance Reviews and Ratings

Below, you can find their ratings and reviews from customers.

Customer Review
Customer Review 2

I tried to look if they were accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB); however, it seems that they don't have a profile page on that website yet. Which is kind of disappointing considering that they are already operating since 2015. 

What I Like About Ladder Life


  • Flexible Coverage
  • Mobile friendly
  • Simple and easy to use for most people
  • Highly rated and has a lot of positive reviews
  • Does not require a medical exam for coverage under $3 million
  • You can apply for $100,000 up to $8 million coverage

What I Don't Like About Ladder Life


  • Not BBB accredited
  • 30 year term plans require you to be of age lower than 40 years old unlike other companies
  • Furthermore, you need to be 60 years younger to avail of their services
  • Cannot convert term insurance into other insurance policies like whole life or universal life
  • No insurance riders

Is Ladder Life Insurance a Scam?

Taking all of the considerations above it is safe to say that Ladder Life is not a scam. However, you still need to be aware of the terms that comes with your insurance policy.

These way you can maximize your insurance to its full potential. Furthermore, you must always remember to diversify your investments to protect your or your family's future. 

Precious metals IRA is one of the ways you can diversify your investments. So, if you want to learn more about it then you can read my review here of Goldco.

Read more about Top 5 Best Gold IRA Companies.

Final Verdict

Ladder Life Insurance is a great company if you are looking for a term insurance policy. Plus, a lot of people seem to trust them and have great comments about them.

However, you must keep in mind that you can't get your money back or invest it again when your term ends. That's why I recommend that you diversify your investments.

GOLDCO is a company that helps you achieve this with their precious metals IRA. Plus, they are also highly rated by customers just like Ladder Life Insurance. What's even better is that you can always withdraw your money whenever you like.

So, if you want to learn more about Goldco then click the link below.

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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