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June 27, 2021

The Happy Coin Review: Will you be also happy as a customer? Read this!

Welcome to my review of Happy Coin!

Do you think this company can make you happy? If so, let us get to know about them and how they work. 

Will you be suitable for each other? Will they meet your standards and demands?

Are they the company of your dreams?

If you want to know, better read this review and let us reveal who Happy Coin really is!

What is Happy Coin?

Happy Coin Review

Happy Coin Company is a company that sells charity tokens called “Happy Coin.” These are cryptocurrencies or digital currency!

This company donates to mental health organizations weekly. 

You will start with a 3% charity wallet, then they will tax you 10% for every transaction. They will also have the 5% burned for deflationary purposes and another 5% redistributed to holders so that investors will be rewarded. This will keep the charity wallet flowing.

More so, Happy Coin starts with an initial supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000.

How do they work?

Here are the steps in buying the Happy Coin:

  1. First, you have to download TrustApp.
  2. Second, you need to purchase BNB or BSC using the application Trustwallet. These are wallets used for cryptocurrency. 
  3. You need to go to the DApps tab at the bottom and go to the page thehappycoin.co/buy.
  4. Next, you must ensure that you have selected the BNB-HAPPY route.
  5. Then put the amount that you want to spend.
  6. You must then change the slippage to 12% and click SWAP.
  7. Once you do that, confirm the transaction and go HODL (Hold on for Dear Life)!

Given that it is a charity wallet that has an initial supply and has an aggressive transaction tax distribution, you will be able to earn big as your HODL!

So, here are some of their terms that you should remember:

Happy Coin Review Happy Coin Review Happy Coin Review
  • Their original supply is 1,000,000,000,000,000 and 30% of it is burned.
  • There’s a 10% tax on transactions, 5 of which is distributed to holders while the other 5 is added to its liquidity.
  • They give profit to holders, that’s the 5% transaction tax that is charged every time someone buys or sells the coin.
  • More so, 5% of the initial supply of tokens is already reserved. This is divided into two wherein the other half is invested in the financing project while the other is in the charity wallet that donates weekly.

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How much is it worth right now?

Here are some of the important figures you should look into:

Happy Coin Review

Happy Coin Review Happy Coin Review


What else do they offer?

Happy Coin also offers merchandises like the following:

These products are worth $19.99 to $59.99!

Happy Coin Review Happy Coin Review

Happy Coin Donations

Here are some of the foundations that Happy Coin donates to:

  • Brain and behavior research foundation
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Vermont Pathways
  • Mercy Home

and many more…

Happy Coin Review

Happy Coin Review

Reviews and Ratings of Happy Coin

Here are some of the reviews and ratings of Happy Coin:


Happy Coin Review

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What I LIKE About Happy Coin

  • It is for a cause

Personally, creating a business for a cause, especially for mental health is a big deal. Oftentimes, mental health is being disregarded and not much attention is given to it. So, being able to fund and have people financially assist organizations and institutions is very important.

  • Simple concept

The concept is very simple and can be easily understood. So, if you have experience in investing and holding up the digital currency, you can easily understand how Happy Coin works. 

What I HATE About Happy Coin

  • Risky Investment

Happy Coin, being a digital currency is what makes it very risky. Digital currencies are known for their unpredictable market and how fast they can change. So, if you want to invest your life’s saving in them, I certainly do not agree.

You should only invest what you can afford to lose when it comes to cryptocurrencies.


This company was founded in 2021, so, how stable their market is cannot be easily judged. Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, this is a fairly new cryptocurrency.

Is Happy Coin a Scam?

Happy Coin is not a scam. However, given that it is a digital currency is what makes it very risky.

The crypto space is a very volatile market and traders usually become very emotional when it comes to price movement.  

When you invest in cryptocurrency, it can further diversify your portfolio.

Since it is a digital currency, it may be used for transactions all over the world without having to pay a large amount of money or fees.

Along with this, it could potentially revolutionize the banking and financial services industries.

However, I will reiterate that this is a very volatile market. 

And if you want to secure your money, this is not the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts

As investors, there are plenty of ways to diversify your portfolio (if that is what you want).

And one way to do that are through GOLD IRAs. This is a self-directed individual retirement account that invests in physical gold as well as in other precious metals.

The reason why many people invest in Gold IRAs is because of the stability of its market (which is the exact opposite of digital currencies). 

As a matter of fact, the price of gold has started at $255 in 1999 and grew to $1,937 in 2020.

So, there’s probably no chance that it will go down.

Do you want to know more about Gold and Precious Metals IRA? and what to know where to get them? I certainly would recommend GOLDCO.

Your money will be in safe hands with Goldco. You won’t have to feel anxious about investing and leaving your money.

Just click below to know more about them!

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Did you like this review? What are your thoughts?

You can leave your comments below! Thank you!

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