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July 12, 2023

What is Alaska Mint? Is this a company you can trust? [2023]

Welcome to my review of Alaska Mint!

What is Alaska Mint? Have you heard of this company?

What products and services do they offer? Can I acquire gold and precious metals from them?

Are they a buy-and-sell company? 

Can we trust this company?

Plenty of questions that need to be answered! So, let us start!

Alaska Mint Quick Review 

Alaska Mint Summary Review

  • Name: Alaska Mint
  • Website: alaskamint.com
  • Founder: Mike and Michelle Robuck
  • Cash Minimum: Varies
  • Rating: 4.0/5.0
Alaska Mint Logo

What is Alaska Mint 

Alaska Mint Webpage

Alaska Mint is a family-operated business. They manufacture and sell beautiful and one-of-a-kind jewelry from the raw gold that they bought from placer miners and gold-bearing quartz that is mined deep underground.

More so, the items that are available in their store are either made in their shop, or by one of their longtime jewelers.

Their company started when the owner moved from Alaska to Colorado. The founder of the company worked as a “roughneck” on oil platforms and when they had saved up enough money to start a small jewelry shop. 

The owners grew up in the jewelry business and most of them specialize in a different aspect of it.

Originally, they produced the artwork and the medallions that they have been manufactured outside of Alaska.

In 1990, they started acquiring and assembling the equipment to mint silver and gold medallions. They started with 1 coin design. Now, they have thousands of dies.

Alaska Mint Product & Services 

Alaska Mint products and services include the following:

Coins and bars

This company has been designing and minting detailed Alaskan-inspired art on pure silver, gold, and non-precious metals for 30 years in downtown Anchorage.

The designs that they put are detailed reproductions of original sculptures. They also offer Custom Medallions to celebrate a special anniversary or milestone.

What is Alaska Mint?

  • Medallions
    • Official Alaska State Medallions- Alaska Mint has been producing this type of medallions since 1992. Each year Alaskan artists submit designs hoping to be chosen for the new medallion. They are minted in limited quantities in pure gold, pure silver, and golden bronze. 

What is Alaska Mint?

    • Alaskan Theme Medallions- This type of medallions feature images of Alaska that Alaskans and visitors love to see while in our majestic and vast state.

What is Alaska Mint?

    •  Aviation & Railroad Medallions
    • Christmas Medallions
    • Eagle & Raven Medallions
    • Iditarod & Fur Rondy Medallions and Merchandise
    • Marine Life Medallions
    • Newest Medallions (2021)
    • Wildlife Medallions
    • Proof-like Medallions
  • Investment Metals

You can also invest in gold and silver with the help of the Alaska Mint. They sell silver and gold coins, and bars, as well as bulk silver coins at a nice discount.

What is Alaska Mint?

  • Hand Poured Bars

These products are poured right out in front of their store in downtown Anchorage.

Since these are poured outside, the texture and weight of the bars will vary due to the changing conditions of the weather. This makes every bar unique and no two bars will look the same.

What is Alaska Mint?


Alaska Mint produces exquisite jewelry for men and women with pieces featuring both gold and silver medallions. 

They also specialize in jewelry using natural gold nuggets and gold-bearing quartz.

  • Ladies

For ladies, they sell bracelets, charms, earrings, ladies pendants, and ladies’ rings.


  • Men’s

For men, they have men’s accessories, men’s pendants, men’s rings, and money clips.

  • Estate Jewelry

Alaska Mint also offers vintage and estate jewelry.

  • Gold Quartz Jewelry

This type of gold is considered the rarest type of gold, also known as gold in quartz, or gold-n-quartz, it is used to make beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. This gemstone is mined deep underground and polished to a beautiful shine.

  • Gold Nugget Jewelry

Alaska Mint buys raw gold nuggets directly from miners in Alaska. Some of this gold is made into custom, organic, natural gold nugget jewelry.

Natural Alaskan nuggets are 18k to 22k pure gold.

  • Mammoth Ivory Jewelry

These are pieces of jewelry that are found by gold miners around Alaska. 

  • Watches

Alaska Mint offers vintage Alaskan gold nugget watches to their design of Alaska Mint coin watches.

  • Customized Jewelry

They also offer customized jewelry. Just give them a call or email them.

Raw Gold Nuggets

Alaska Mint has a large selection of gold nuggets available and is buying & selling daily.

Knives & Ulus

They also offer Alaskan Knives that are made from the finest quality materials like Alaskan natural materials. Wood, caribou antler, moose antler, walrus ivory, mammoth bone, ivory and teeth, and stainless for the blade.

Alaskan Gifts

The company also sells different types of Alaskan Gifts like rolling pins, carvings, trinket boxes, totems, pens, and Christmas ornaments.

Alaska Mint Reviews and Ratings

Alaska Mint has garnered favorable ratings and reviews online, serving as a testament to the company’s consistent and commendable services. Let’s take a closer look at the feedback shared across various platforms:

  • Facebook: With an impressive rating of 4.6 out of 5, based on 60 reviews, Alaska Mint has left a positive impression on its customers.
  • TripAdvisor: Another reputable platform where Alaska Mint shines, boasting a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5, derived from 20 reviews.
  • Yelp: Customers on Yelp have expressed their satisfaction, awarding Alaska Mint a rating of 4 out of 5, based on 13 reviews.
  • Birdeye: Alaska Mint’s commitment to excellence is evident through its impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Birdeye, backed by 65 reviews.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): While Alaska Mint is not BBB accredited, it holds an outstanding A+ rating. However, there are no specific reviews or complaints available at this time.

Overall, Alaska Mint has garnered remarkable ratings and reviews, signifying the quality of their services. It’s important to acknowledge that certain circumstances may have influenced a few negative reviews. Here are some screenshots showcasing reviewers’ comments, highlighting their appreciation for Alaska Mint’s exceptional service and product quality:

Alaska Mint Review 4

Alaska Mint Review 2

Alaska Mint Review 3

Alaska Mint Review 5

Alaska Mint Review 6
What is Alaska Mint? What is Alaska Mint?

All heading 2 

What I Like About Alaska Mint

  • Wide Range of Products

As indicated above, they have a WIDE range of products. You'll have a lot of options and if you are a guest or tourist visiting the area, you'll have great finds in their store.

  • Detailed Description & Transparent Pricing

Products are well-detailed with pictures of their front & back for the customers to see how detailed they are.

The prices are indicated per packaged like 1-9 coins, 10 coin roll, 20 coin roll, 50 coin bag, and 100 coin bag.

They also show on the first page of the catalog how much the minimum and maximum price available for each product.

  • Online Store

You can "ADD TO CART" your orders and have them delivered to you. Such a very trendy and easy way to order pieces of jewelry and precious metals.

What I Don't Like About Alaska Mint

On the other hand, here's what I hate about Alaska Mint:

  • IRA-eligible precious metals not mentioned

Since the company mostly focuses on retail sales, they don't mention if the precious metals that they have are IRA-eligible. I think they should put it or create a section since many are looking for precious metals to diversify their investment portfolio.

  • Not accredited; Has limited reviews

The company has very limited reviews. They are also not accredited by trusted business websites such as BBB. 

It is important to have accreditation and reviews, especially for potential clients since they want to hear the thoughts and opinions of your past clients.

Is Alaska Mint a Scam? 

Alaska Mint is NOT A SCAM.

So, What is Alaska Mint?

This company focuses mostly on retail sales and not on investment. They also have exquisite designs of pieces of jewelry and other accessories, so, I think if you want souvenirs or precious materials, you can call them or "ADD TO CART" Your orders.

More so, most people trust them because of their years in the industry.

However, I think they should focus on developing their presence on the internet and improving their webpage.

Final Thoughts 

Now, if you want to invest in precious metals and protect yourself from economic downturns and similar situations, I would certainly recommend GOLDCO

Augusta Precious Metal is a well-trusted company that can greatly help you diversify your investment portfolios. 

You can read all about them by clicking Here!

Thank you for reading my review of Alaska Mint! 

I hope you find it beneficial!

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