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May 8, 2022

American Hartford Gold 2022 Review: A Legit or Fake Company?

Welcome to my American Hartford Gold 2022 Review!

Who is American Hartford Gold? More so, can they provide you quality precious metals and customer service?

How about IRAs? Also, can they help you with that?

To answer all this, let's get to know American Hartford Gold in this 2022 review!

American Hartford Gold Summary Review

American Hartford Gold 2022 Review

What is American Hartford Gold?

American Hartford Gold 2022 Review

American Hartford Gold is a family-owned and operated company in Los Angeles, CA which helps individuals and families invest in precious metals.

They also offer Gold, Silver and Platinum in both bars and coins. More so, they provide both physical delivery to one’s doorstep or inside of a retirement account like an IRA, 401K or TSP.

Aside from that, American Hartford Gold helps clients achieve greater security for their future by adding “safe haven” assets to their portfolio. More so, investors receive only the highest quality gold and silver coins, offered at competitive prices with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Products and Services of American Hartford Gold


  • Saint Helena Sovereign Gold

First, this beautiful Quarter ounce gold Sovereign coin is official legal tender of Saint Helena, a small British Island territory of unspoiled beauty situated in the middle of the South Atlantic Ocean.

American Hartford Gold 2022 Review
American Hartford Gold 2022 Review
  • Australian Wildlife Gold

More so, the Perth Mint’s world-renowned Australian Kangaroo, Australian Kookaburra and Australian Koala coin series’ have inspired collectors worldwide over many years.


  • Europa and the Bull

On the other hand, the myth of Europa and the Bull has inspired artists throughout the centuries with numerous pieces of art depict and coinage from as early as the 3rd century featuring the story.

Also, most recently in 2002 Euro bank notes known as the ‘Europa series’ were issued featuring her portrait.

American Hartford Gold 2022 Review
  • South African Krugerrand

On the other hand, the Gold Krugerrand was the first Gold bullion coin produced in the world and has been a worldwide standard since the third of July 1967. The Silver 1 oz BU coin also features the distinctive Krugerrand design, making it an irresistible addition to any collection.

Gold IRA

A Gold IRA allows you to upgrade your retirement strategy by storing physical gold and silver in a tax-deferred retirement account.

Next, the account acts just like a normal IRA, but better. Precious metals add critical diversification and wealth protection benefits to your retirement assets.

More so, the Gold IRA is backed by superior service and support and lets you take more control over your retirement future.

Custodian and Depository Information

As a client, you also enjoy the experienced custodial services of Equity Trust Company and your choice of depository for the secure storage of your IRA-owned precious metals. More so, depository locations include: Texas, Delaware, Salt Lake City, New York and Los Angeles.

American Hartford Gold 2022 Review

How to Get Started

First, owning physical precious metals inside of your retirement account could be your best possible option to diversify your assets and protect your family’s future.

Also, with American Hartford Gold, you can establish your Gold IRA in just three simple steps:

  1. First, talk to our specialists.
  2. Second, fund your account.
  3. Lastly, purchase your gold/silver.

Eligible Accounts

Explore the Benefits of a Gold IRA

    First, taxes on gains are deferred until metals are withdrawn from account or sold.
    Next, gold and silver have historically acted as critical hedges against rising inflation and the continuing erosion of the value of the U.S. dollar.
    Also, owning physical precious metals inside of your retirement account can help achieve a well-diversified strategy.
    More so, a diversified investment strategy can mean less volatility in your overall assets, increasing your sense of financial well-being.
    On the other hand, if your retirement plan is over-exposed to typical paper assets such as stocks and bonds, you are taking unnecessary risks with your future. Gold and silver also offer critical diversification and wealth protection benefits that every investor should consider.
    More so, American Hartford Gold is there every step of the way to assist you with the paperwork.

Reviews and Ratings of American Hartford Gold

Here are some of the reviews and ratings of American Hartford Gold this 2022:

American Hartford Gold 2022 Review
American Hartford Gold 2022 Review

What I Like About American Hartford Gold

Buyback Commitment

First, American Hartford Gold is one of the few Gold IRA businesses that offers a buyback scheme. Customers can also use the BuyBack Commitment to sell their precious metals while avoiding additional costs for the quick three-step liquidation process.

Furthermore, after arranging for the shipment of the gold or other precious metals, American Hartford Gold makes a payment. Check with your account executive to discover if the BuyBack Commitment applies to you. If you qualify, you can save money on fees while also having more convenience.

A Lot of Positive Ratings

From the looks of it, American Hartford Gold has a lot of positive ratings from a lot of trusted websites.

That's a good choice when looking for a precious metals dealer!

Offers Gold IRA

American Hartford Gold, aside from being a precious metals dealer, also offers IRAs!

On the other hand, the company does not charge fees to set up a Gold IRA or rollover a retirement account to a Gold or Precious Metals IRA.

What I Don't Like About American Hartford Gold

No Prices Indicated

The company has a good line of products and well-detailed information, however, what they lack is the prices for each!

So, you won't know the current prices for the precious metals.

Some important information is Missing

Sadly, the fee structure is not listed in the website. 

Minimums in Investment

American Hartford Gold offers both Precious Metal IRAs and cash purchases of gold, platinum, and silver. There is no minimum investment for a self-directed IRA. The minimum amount for cash purchases is $2,500.

Is American Hartford Gold a SCAM?

The American Hartford Gold Group is happy to assist individuals and families in diversifying their assets through precious metals.

Precious Metals IRA, Gold IRA Rollover, Silver IRA Rollover, and Physical Delivery of gold and silver bars and coins are among the services they provide.

Aside from that, they have a promising company from the good services they provide and positive ratings they receive.

Thus, American Hartford Gold in this 2022 review is NOT A SCAM.

Final Thoughts

Gold IRAs are the best option when owning gold and precious metals. 

And when we talk about Gold IRAs, the first company to come to mind is GOLDCO!

They are rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and Triple A by Business Consumer Alliance. Their quality customer service, dependability, and ethical business practices have resulted in thousands of satisfied customers and positive reviews.

To know more about them, just click below!

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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