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May 30, 2023

Bitcoin vs Gold: Where should I Invest My Money?

Are you having difficulty deciding where to invest your money? In this article, we will explore and discover the different investment options available to you between Bitcoin vs Gold. We will provide insights on the best places to invest your hard-earned money, considering factors such as risk, potential returns, and long-term stability. By the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of where you should invest your funds to maximize your financial growth and security.

Deeper look at Gold 


Gold has been valued by various civilizations throughout history as a means of exchange and a symbol of prosperity. Humans have been mining gold from rivers, veins, and ore deposits across the globe (except Antarctica) for thousands of years. We attribute value to this precious metal for several reasons:

  1. Durability: Gold is resistant to corrosion and tarnish, making it indestructible.

  2. Malleability: Gold can be molded and shaped for various purposes, including industry, currency, and symbolism.

  3. Aesthetics: Gold retains its brilliance, shine, and natural beauty indefinitely.

In the modern investment landscape, people are intrigued by gold's unique characteristics as a portfolio diversifier and a store of wealth. Portfolios that include gold have historically delivered higher returns with fewer losses and reduced risks.

Gold plays a strategic role in any portfolio by acting as a hedge against market fluctuations. It has an inverse correlation with equities, meaning it tends to perform well when the stock market is in decline. Additionally, gold often performs strongly during periods of high inflation.

Deeper look at Bitcoin 


Bitcoin burst onto the scene in 2009 when an anonymous individual or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a revolutionary digital currency system. Here are some key concepts in the world of cryptocurrencies:

  1. Decentralized: Bitcoin operates without a central authority. The entire network of Bitcoin investors, users, and miners collectively determines the supply and value of the currency.
  2. Blockchain: All Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a distributed ledger called a blockchain. This technology enables two parties to agree on a transaction and document it in a chain of chronological data points. Each "block" in the chain contains information about every Bitcoin transaction, and these transactions cannot be altered. The blockchain is open source, allowing anyone to examine the code at any time. While Bitcoin transactions are not completely anonymous, it is incredibly challenging to link a specific line of code to an individual.
  3. Peer-to-peer: Traditional financial transactions often require intermediaries like banks. However, Bitcoin eliminates the need for intermediaries and enables direct peer-to-peer exchanges.
  4. Mining: Bitcoin miners receive Bitcoin as compensation for recording transactions on the blockchain. Anyone can become a miner, although many join mining pools to maximize computing power. The mining process is intentionally demanding and time-consuming.

While Bitcoin wasn't the first digital currency, it has emerged as the leader in terms of market capitalization and trading volume, despite the existence of tens of thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gold is a safer investment option compared to Bitcoin due to its proven longevity and appeal as an inflation hedge.
  • Bitcoin offers greater potential for high returns but comes with higher volatility and significant downside risks.
  • Gold has a long history and well-established regulations, while Bitcoin is still a relatively new market with uncertain future prospects.
  • Physical gold holds intrinsic value, while the value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can potentially fall to zero due to regulations or management issues.

Gold vs Bitcoin Key Comparison Table





Stored in secure vaults

Stored online in wallets susceptible to hacking


Very low volatility over time

High volatility


Extremely liquid, with a buoyant market

Good liquidity, though impacted by recent bankruptcies of trading platforms


Very old, with a long-standing history

Relatively new, with uncertain future prospects


Limited supply with ongoing mining

Maximum of 21 million Bitcoins in existence


Certain types can be exempt from Capital Gains Tax

Liable for Capital Gains Tax

How Bitcoin and Gold Compare

Here, we will explain the comparison between Bitcoin and Gold on several key factors that impact you as an investors. At the end of each section, we'll determine which investment performs better in that particular aspect.



Gold is widely recognized as one of the most secure investments. It can be stored in highly secure vaults and banks, offering practically impenetrable protection. Although accessing your gold may be more challenging compared to bitcoin, for long-term investment portfolios, immediate access is rarely necessary. Some investors choose to keep small amounts of gold at home in personal safes or local safe deposit facilities for instant accessibility.


Bitcoin is also considered secure; however, cryptocurrencies are susceptible to hacking, and there has been a significant increase in the number of wallet hacks and thefts. In 2022, crypto hacking reached its highest levels ever, resulting in the irreversible loss of approximately $140 billion worth of Bitcoin. It is recommended to store your crypto in a 'hard wallet' ledger, safeguarded with a personal electronic key, rather than on centralized exchanges. Remember never to share your ledger keycode, as stolen Bitcoin cannot be retrieved.

Verdict: Gold
Gold has a longer track record of security, making it the winner in this category.



Gold is renowned for its low volatility over time. It remains unaffected by the stock market and serves as a reliable store of value, especially against factors like inflation. Investing in gold is often used to reduce overall portfolio volatility, as it tends to rise in value when other markets experience downturns, providing stability to your investments.


Bitcoin, on the other hand, epitomizes volatility and high-risk investment. While there is a potential for significant gains, its volatility poses a substantial risk of losses. With Bitcoin still in its early stages, its price behavior remains incredibly unpredictable, making planning and forecasting difficult.

Verdict: Gold
Gold demonstrates far less volatility than Bitcoin on a daily, weekly, and annual basis.



Gold, like any other asset class, has its ups and downs. It is not a get-rich-quick investment but is more suitable for long-term investors. Strong years can witness price increases of 30-40%, with average annual returns of around 10% over a 10-year period. Gold has outperformed many other asset classes in the past 5-10 years.


Cryptocurrency prices have experienced significantly greater fluctuations than any other investment class over the past decade. Bitcoin's value tends to follow its 4-year 'halving cycle,' with periods of rapid price increases followed by severe bear markets. Annual price increases of several hundred percent are not uncommon, but as Bitcoin matures, diminishing returns become evident.

Verdict: Bitcoin
If you time the market right, Bitcoin's returns can surpass those of gold if you manage to make the right moves. However, it's important to note that Bitcoin can be more akin to gambling, with winners and losers. So, while there is potential for higher returns with Bitcoin, there is also a higher risk of losing your savings.



Gold is highly regarded for its liquidity, making it a popular investment choice. Its long-established track record has instilled confidence among buyers. When you decide to sell your gold, you can typically find willing buyers, ensuring a liquid market. This robust liquidity contributes to the stability of the gold market in the long run.


Bitcoin also offers good liquidity, although it appears to have decreased in recent years. The overall cryptocurrency market is currently experiencing a liquidity crisis, with major trading companies going bankrupt.

Verdict: Gold
Both markets exhibit good liquidity, but gold stands out as one of the most liquid investments globally, making it our winner in this category.



Gold is one of the oldest precious metals known to humankind, with a history dating back over 6000 years. Its unique properties cannot be replicated or effectively imitated. Once you own gold, you will always possess it, maintaining its value over time.


Bitcoin is also unique and has been around long enough to prove its concepts. However, there are concerns. It is still a relatively new technology, and there are no guarantees that a new method or cryptocurrency could emerge and replace Bitcoin. Moreover, the lack of comprehensive regulation raises additional uncertainties.

Verdict: Gold
Gold has withstood the test of time and emerges as the winner in terms of longevity.

Gold vs Bitcoin Independence from the banks

Bitcoin's appeal lies in its decentralized nature. It allows individuals to have more control over their personal finances and be independent from traditional banking systems. In an era where banks can block transactions and governments can impose restrictions, the freedom offered by Bitcoin is appealing. It enables easy and instant overseas payments, bypassing the limitations imposed by traditional financial institutions. Additionally, governments have no control or power over Bitcoin, which poses a significant challenge to their authority.

Gold, being a well-established and accepted market, faces less resistance from authorities. It has long provided individuals with a degree of financial control outside the mainstream banking system. It offers stability and has been a trusted store of value for centuries. While Bitcoin challenges the existing order, gold provides a time-tested alternative for those seeking independence from centralized institutions.

Gold or Bitcoin as a digital currency

Bitcoin vs Gold

While gold is a physical asset, it is also possible to invest in gold digitally. Gold ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds) allow investors to trade gold through the stock market. These funds track the price of gold, providing investors with an opportunity to benefit from its value fluctuations. Additionally, investors can consider Gold Mutual Funds, which involve purchasing shares in funds that track the price of gold. However, it's important to note that mutual funds charge investors fees and expenses.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, can be purchased online through various platforms, both private and public. The Bitcoin vs. gold debate is complex, as both options are influenced by market conditions. Investors must carefully consider their investment goals and risk tolerance when deciding between the two.

Is Bitcoin a better investment than Gold? 

When considering the investment options of Bitcoin and Gold, it becomes obvious that gold has numerous advantages for wise investors. Gold is a time-tested and secure option for individuals pursuing stability and long-term value preservation, whereas Bitcoin may appeal to those who are inclined to take on greater risks. By consulting our real-time gold prices, you can keep updated of the current value of Gold and make informed investment decisions. We firmly believe that constructing a portfolio of gold ingots or a variety of gold coins is a smart long-term investment strategy that offers security and the possibility of sustained growth over time.

Final Thought 

To wrap it up, when comparing gold and Bitcoin as investment options, it is obvious that gold has several advantages. Gold stands in period of time providing stability, intrinsic value, and an established track record as an inflation hedge. Its long historical record and well-established regulations make it an excellent choice for you as investor seeking a secure and tangible asset. Bitcoin, on the other hand, offers the possibility of high returns but comes with greater volatility and inherent risks. When deciding between these two options as an investor, you must evaluate your risk aversion and long-term objectives.

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