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Is Acre Gold Legit? Or Just Another Scam you should avoid?


Hello and welcome to our 2022 updated Acre Gold Review!

Did you come across Acre Gold and you are wondering if they are the perfect place to buy Precious Metals from or if it's just a scam you should avoid?

You are in the right place because in this Acre Gold review you will find all the answers you are looking for!

So, Is Acre Gold legit? Should you invest in them? Or you should avoid them?

You will find the answers below!

Acre Gold Summary Review

  • Name: Acre Gold
  • Website:
  • Founder: Not Known
  • Fees: $50 per month subscription or one-time upfront membership of $12
  • Rating: 2.5/5
is acre gold legit?

What Is Acre Gold?

Acre Gold is a new precious metal brand that claims to be different from other companies because of the way they help people have an easy and engaging experience with precious metals.

They also claim to have a more affordable way to buy gold!


Instead of buying gold for a thousand dollars, upfront!

They have this gold subscription that allows you to buy gold for a small monthly fee, this means that you can pay in an INSTALLMENT manner.

Before we elaborate on that, let's talk a little about their background.

There is no information on who owns the company,

All we know is that  Acre Gold was founded in 2018 by a small team of fintech veterans and it's located in Santa Monica, CA.

The team aims to make gold more approachable, affordable, and holdable for the next generation according to their about page!

How Does Acre Gold Work? 

different from other precious metals companies we reviewed such as Goldco, Rosland Capital, and other known companies, Acre Gold is more of a Layaway program.

acre gold how it works

When you join Acre Gold and pay the small fee they will update you on what they call your "Gold Stash" as you make progress every month.

Once you have gathered enough payments to meet the gold price, Acre Gold will ship and deliver the gold directly to your doorstep, it's like you are making your payments for the gold every month. 

And if you want to stop you can always cancel your subscription.

How Much Does Acre Gold Cost?

If you plan to join Acre Gold, you have to pay an upfront membership fee of $12.

After that, you can start availing any of the following:

  • $30 monthly subscription
  • $50 monthly subscription
  • $100 monthly subscription 

Acre Gold Reviews And Ratings

Acre Gold is new to the world of precious metals so while I was doing some digging online to see what people are saying about them I only found a few reviews on the Better Business Bureau 

acre gold bbb complaints

Also, Acre Gold is not BBB accredited, and they have a B- rating and a 2.75-star rating which means that some customers didn't have a good experience with this company.

acre gold bbb

But despite the complaints, the one thing that I liked about Acre Gold is how they respond to every complaint which means they do care about their customers.

2022 Update: Acre Gold still has a B- rating and they are still not BBB accredited.

Also, they still don't have any reviews on trusted sites like Trustpilot and Customer Affairs.

Acre Gold's Support

Unfortunately Acre Gold doesn't have a support option on their website or a live chat function on their website.

But they do have a Facebook and Instagram page where customers contact them and they seem very responsive.

What I Like About Acre Gold


When we hear the word GOLD, we immediately jump to the conclusion that it is EXPENSIVE.  

So instead of spending a one-time big amount of money, Acre Gold offers this affordable way to buy gold.

They have Social Media Account

Although Acre Gold doesn't have a support system on their website, they have Facebook and Instagram where customers can contact them.

You Can Cancel Anytime

If you are not happy with the Acre Gold service you can always cancel your subscription.

* Quick 2022 Update*

Acre Gold also provide support via email ( you can find their email listed on their website and social media pages) and they also have a live chat coming soon!

What I Don't Like About...

Not Enough information on their website

We don't know who is the owner of Acre Gold the only thing we know is that the company was founded by a small team of fintech veterans,

I personally think that this is not enough and it can give the customer some trust issues especially because the company is new in the business.

A lot Of Complaints

Acre Gold has only a handful of reviews (most of them are negative) online that you will only find on BBB and they have a very low rating.

they are new in the industry

Acre Gold was founded in 2018 and since the company is only 4 years (in 2022) some will find a hard time trusting them with their money since they are not selling hotdogs on the street but GOLD.

Is Acre Gold Legit?

Acre Gold IS NOT A SCAM!

Acre Gold is legit since they will send you gold once your account hits the price threshold.

However, I would not recommend this company to my readers because of the following:

  • They have plenty of complaints.
  • We don't even know who the owner is!
  • They are very new to the business.

I appreciate the fact that they are very active on social media and they respond to their customers trying to resolve their problems.

But still, I would not recommend them since there are way better alternatives!

So if you want to invest your time and money in a better alternative then you have to check out our #1 recommended precious metals company!

I hope this  Acre Gold review was helpful!

And if you have any questions or thoughts about Acre Gold please feel free to drop a comment below 🙂


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