Is Acre Gold Legit? Or Just Another Scam you should avoid?

Welcome to my review of Acre Gold!

Let us get to know this company carefully!

Is Acre Gold legit? Should you avoid them? Should you invest in them?

Questions that we don’t know the answers to, YET!

So, let’s take an in-depth look at what Acre Gold is, and how they work!

Here is the structure of this review:

  • What is Acre Gold?
  • How Does Acre Gold Work?
    • How Much Does Acre Gold Cost?
    • Does Acre Gold Have A Referral Program?
  • Acre Gold Product/s
  • Acre Gold Reviews and Ratings
  • What I LIKE About Acre Gold
  • What I HATE About Acre Gold
  • Is Acre Gold legit?
  • Final Thoughts

What Is Acre Gold?

acre gold legit - website

  • Name: Acre Gold
  • Website:
  • Founder: Unknown
  • Price: $50 per month subscription or one-time upfront membership of $12
  • Rating: 2.5/5

Acre Gold is a company that sells gold.

However, what makes this company different from other companies is that they offer you gold in an AFFORDABLE manner.

Why? Because instead of paying for gold for a thousand dollars and more, upfront! You can get a monthly subscription of gold!

This means that you can pay in an INSTALLMENT manner.

Before we elaborate on that, let’s talk a little about their background.

Acre Gold is a company that was founded in 2018, and they are located in Santa Monica, CA, and Boise, ID.

There is no information on who owns the company, and the only information we know is that the company was founded by a small team of fintech veterans (and gold bugs) hellbent on making Gold more approachable, more affordable, and more hold-able for generations to come.

The goal of this company is to help its customers to acquire gold in an affordable and approachable manner.

Now let’s move on to the next section and see how the Acre Gold works.

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How Does Acre Gold Work?

acre gold legit - how it works

Acre Gold is more of a layaway program where you have to pay a subscription fee every month. 

You will subscribe to them and they will update you on what they called your “Gold Stash” as you make progress every month.

Once you have gathered enough payments to meet the gold price minus the shipping and the fulfillment fees, Acre Gold will ship and deliver the gold directly to you.

So, it’s like you are making your payments for the gold every month. 

This can go on and on, and this means you can receive more 2.5-gram gold deliveries. 

If you want to stop, you can always cancel the subscription or you can also modify your plan. 

Basically, the choice is yours!

How Much Does Acre Gold Cost?

If you plan to join Acre Gold, you have to pay an upfront membership fee of $12.

After that, you can start availing any of the following:

  • $30 monthly subscription
  • $50 monthly subscription
  • $100 monthly subscription 

When you avail for the $100 monthly subscription, instead of receiving a 2.5-gram gold you will receive a larger 5-gram gold bar!

Does Acre Gold Have A Referral Program?

The company has a referral program where you will have a chance to earn a commission once you bring someone to join Acre Gold and they subscribe.

Acre Gold Products

Acre Gold offers a 2.5 GRAM GOLD.

The gold is made available in this size to fit a first-time Gold buyer or for the pro who likes to accumulate their Gold over time, our Gold 2.5 gram bars are tasteful and refined, with a modern design and mirror-like finish.

The gold has an authenticity certifying assay card.

It is inside a tamper-evident packaging, offering protection and quality you can trust for each bar.

It is .9999 FINE GOLD which is presented in a sealed protective assay package that lists the weight and authentication of the bar by the assayer.

On its obverse side, it has a single stamped Acre logo along with details about its weight and purity.

On its reverse side, it has an Acre logo in a pattern stamped in simple perfection.

Aside from this, the gold bar includes a soft touch box with a display drawer.

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Acre Gold Reviews And Ratings

Here we will see what other people are saying about Acre Gold and see what they have experienced joining the company.

Upon my research, there is only one review website I found that talks about Acre Gold, which is BBB (Better Business Bureau).

Acre Gold is not BBB accredited, and they gave them a B- rating, and the customers gave them a 2.75-star rate which means that some customers didn’t have a good experience with this company.

acre gold legit - bbb

acre gold legit - bbb complaints

What I LIKE About Acre Gold

Here are some of the positive points of Acre Gold that I like:

  • Acre Gold is Affordable

When we hear of the word GOLD, we’ll immediately jump to conclusions that it is EXPENSIVE. However, with Acre Gold, the precious metal is an arm’s reach!

So, we can acquire it in no time without spending a one-time-big-time amount of money!

  • They Offer Flexibility

Since Acre Gold is a company that offers a SUBSCRIPTION program (like paying for an app online), you can change your mind anytime.

You can stop or cancel your subscription as you wish, or even upgrade it as you wish, also.

  • They have Social Media Accounts

In this day and age, having a social media account is a must. Why? This is because EVERYONE IS USING IT!

So, Acre Gold can easily provide news and updates using their social media account. You can also message them directly with it.

* Quick Update*

Acre Gold says that they also provide support via email ( you can find their email listed on their website and social media pages) and they also have a live chat coming soon!

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What I HATE About Acre Gold

  • There isn’t enough information on their website

From what I saw, their website has less than 5 pages you can browse. So, not much information is indicated about them.

I think, if you want your customers to trust you more, you should indicate more information about yourself for people to get to know you.

They will then frequent reviews like “Is Acre Gold Legit?” from other sites!

  • They are not associated with trusted websites

If customers want to get to know you more, you should associate yourself with trusted review websites.

I am pertaining to websites like BBB, Trustpilot, Consumer Affairs, and more.

Being accredited by this kind of company is a plus! So that they will have no worries about you being a scam or not!

  • They are new in the industry

Apparently, Acre Gold is a 3-year old company. Some might be worried by this age of the company since they are not selling hotdogs on the street but GOLD.

Even though Gold is made affordable, it is still very valuable at it is. That’s why many want to invest in it.

  • They have plenty of negative reviews

If you’ll be searching the web on the reviews of Acre Gold, you’ll probably find yourself reading a bunch of negative reviews or complaints,

But, in fairness to Acre Gold, they respond to these reviews and they try to reach out to these people.

Is Acre Gold Legit?

The question is– Is Acre Gold Legit?

Acre Gold IS NOT A SCAM!

However, you should think very carefully before subscribing.

They are affordable! However, we should be wary and cautious.

I mean we don’t even know who the owner is!

They also have many negative reviews and they are only 3 years into this business.

Final Thoughts

To conclude I think that there’s always a better and safer option if we want to invest our money in it.

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I hope this quick Acre Gold review was helpful!

And if you have any questions or thoughts about Acre Gold please feel free to drop a comment below 🙂

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