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September 8, 2021

Is FideliTrade a Scam? Can they really be trusted in giving bullion services?

Welcome to my review of FideliTrade!

In this review, we will get to know this company and determine if they are a SCAM or NOT!

Are you someone who’s looking for bullion services that you can trust?

If so, let’s get to know if FideliTrade is a company that we can trust!

Let’s start our FideliTrade Review!

What is FideliTrade?

Is Fidelitrade a scam

  • Name: FideliTrade Incorporated
  • Website: https://fidelitrade.com/
  • CEO/ Owner: Jonathon Potts
  • Price: Varies
  • Rating: 4.0/5.0

FideliTrade started operations in early 1998. Now, the company employs over 50 full-time employees and occupies four, company-owned buildings, comprising nearly 72,000 square feet of secure space.

For over 20 years, the philosophy for FideliTrade has been

“Take care of our customers and our employees, and they will take care of the business.” 

More so, FideliTrade has several subsidiaries, including Delaware Depository. 

The company is also an Authorized Purchaser of the US Mint; a designation achieved by only 12 companies worldwide.

Furthermore, FideliTrade is one of the few precious metals firms that offer all these services under one roof.

They provide bullion services, straight from the source. This means FideliTrade acquires bullion directly from national and commercial mints. 

Who They Serve

FideliTrade serves the following group of people:

Private Investors

They help those experienced investor or those just getting started, bullion can enhance and diversify your portfolio. Their Client Services team is here to help you navigate the myriad of product and service choices.


Also, FideliTrade’s clearing services provide advisors with trading, statements, and support to help you take care of your clients.

Banks and Brokers

On the other hand, the company works with dealers and financial institutions by providing back-office support, electronic trading, and custody services. We even assist with one-time customer transactions.

Products and Services of FideliTrade


More so, here are the services that FideliTrade offers:

Precious Metals Trading


The company is an authorized mint distributor and trades with a nationwide network of bullion dealers and refiners – which means that you can purchase a wide variety of bullion products at highly competitive prices.

  • The maximum ACH amount is $30,000.
  • The maximum credit card amount is $3,000. Fees apply.

FideliTrade also buys gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion products. They also purchase acceptable bullion from you even if you acquired it from another source.

Accumulation Plan

The accumulation plan is available when you purchase FideliTrade’s bulk generic bullion. Bulk generic bullion is a specific but undivided interest in bulk holdings.

FideliTrade’s accumulation plan is a bi-monthly or monthly automatic purchase in bulk generic bullion. You designate the type of bullion and your dollar amount. This program allows you to take advantage of dollar-cost averaging and eliminates the need to closely monitor the market.

You can also purchase on the 1st and/or 16th of each month.

More so, there is no fee to join and the minimum purchase is only $100 per metal type.

Limit Order

Furthermore, FideliTrade offers free limit orders to customers interested in buying or selling at a specific price.

  • Limit orders are held for a maximum of 90 days. You may cancel at any time.
  • Limit orders are only executed during normal business hours.
Counterfeit Detection

On the other hand, FideliTrade works closely with our wholly-owned depository to ensure that bullion that is sold or deposited into the depository is thoroughly inspected and tested.

Depository Services

Aside from precious metals trading, FideliTrade also offers depository services like:


Bulk Custody is FideliTrade’s statement program. It allows individuals to trade and hold physical metals without paying the premiums associated with specific bars and coins. Buy, sell or take delivery at any time.

Individual Custody

Non-Segregated is FideliTrade’s most common custody service for specific bars and coins. Individual Custody allows you to deposit your coins and bars into an allocated account that is commingled with the same type of coins and bar of other customers.

Segregated is FideliTrade’s premier custody service. With segregated storage, your bullion is held separate and apart from the bullion of other customers.

FideliTrade also offers custody services outside the US. Your bullion can be held securely in Zurich, Switzerland, or Toronto, Canada.


Customers can choose to take delivery of their bullion at any time. 


On the other hand, FideliTrade customers can ship their bullion to FideliTrade at any time.

Financing Services

As a FideliTrade customer, you can work with our subsidiaries and use your bullion as collateral.

Delaware Finance Company offers a safe and easy way to borrow against your bullion. There are no setup fees and you’ll enjoy a low-interest rate on your revolving line of credit.

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Here are some of the precious metals products that FideliTrade offers:


Is Fidelitrade a scamIs Fidelitrade a scam


Is Fidelitrade a scam Is Fidelitrade a scam


Is Fidelitrade a scam

Is Fidelitrade a scam


Reviews and Ratings of FideliTrade

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What I LIKE About FideliTrade

Online Monitoring

If you are an existing FideliTrade account holder, you can view your transactions and holdings online. By clicking on the Enroll link on the top of any page, you’ll begin the registration process.

Plenty of Services Offered

FideliTrade offers a lot of services. We have seen in this review the type and number of services that they offer!

So, they are basically a one-stop shop when it comes to precious metals.

What I HATE About FideliTrade

Not an E-commerce Site

Upon reviewing their website, they do not offer e-commerce services.

Their website shows which products they sell and how much do they sell them, however, unlike other precious metals companies, you can’t simply ‘ADD TO CART’ your orders.

They simply offer a catalog of their products and services.

Payment Limitations

FideliTrade does not accept 3rd party payments.

Payment options include bank wire, check, ACH, cash, or credit card.

Credit card payments cannot exceed $3,000 for existing customers ($500 for new customers). Fees apply.

ACH payments cannot exceed $15,000 for delivery and $30,000 for custody.

Limited Reviews

When you look upon the reviews available online, there’s only a limited number of reviews for FideliTrade.

So, it is a good and bad sign since we cannot exactly determine what people’s thoughts are.

Is FideliTrade a SCAM?

In this review, FideliTrade is NOT A SCAM.

However, they are not a company that’s well-reviewed and rated.

So, whether you associate yourself with them or not, is your choice.

But you should bear in mind that investing in gold and precious metals is not worth pennies.

It is quite a sum of money. So, there’s no better way than to find a company that’s well trusted and rated by many.

Final Thoughts

Investing requires knowledge, so, before you go jumping to investments, you must first research and research!

Good for you, we have a company that we tremendously recommend!

GOLDCO is a precious metals company that has a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, the Goldco team remains committed to our mission to help individuals safeguard and grow their retirement savings.

You may know more about them by clicking below!

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Thank you for reading our review of FideliTrade 🙂


Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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