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January 31, 2023

McAlvany ICA Review: Can You Trust This Company? [2023]

Precious Metals have long been considered a safe haven for investors providing many benefits including providing protection against inflation, store of value, and portfolio balance benefits.

However, with many options out there, it can be challenging to find a trustworthy company for your precious metals investment needs!

So is McAlvany ICA a trustworthy company?

You will find the answer below in this 2023 updated McAlvany ICA review!

McAlvany ICA Summary Review

  • Name: Mcalvany ICA
  • Website:  mcalvany.com
  • CEO/Owner: Don McAlvany/ David McAlvany
  • Price: Not Indicated
  • Rating: 3.5/5.0
McAlvany ICA Review

What is McAlvany ICA?

McAlvany ICA ( McAlvany International Collectors Associates) is a family-owned precious metals investment firm that is headquartered in Durango, Colorado.

The company was founded in 1972 by Don McAlvany but its CEO is his son David McAlvany.

McAlvany ICA's Coins and Bars

McAlvany ICA offers a variety of coins and bars for purchase, and they also offer a selection of rare and collectible coins.

Below are the McAlvany ICA bars and coins:

Gold Coins

  • MS60 Netherlands 10 Guilders
  • 1-oz Gold South African Krugerrand
  • VF $20 Liberty
  • 1-oz Gold American Eagle
  • Dutch 10 Guilder
  • MS60 British Sovereigns
  • $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle MS Series

Silver Coins & Bars


Aside from gold coins, the company also offers silver coins & bars like:

  • 1000 Troy ounces Silver Bar
  • 100 Troy ounces Silver Bar
  • 10 Troy ounces Silver Bar
  • 1 Troy ounces Silver Bar
  • Silver American Eagle
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf at 1 ounce
  • Peace Silver Dollar
  • 90% US Coinage "Junk Silver"
  • Silver round 1 ounce


  • 1 ounce Platinum Bar
  • 10 ounces Platinum Bar
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coin
  • Platinum Eagle Coin


McAlvany ICA Review Palladium
  • 1 ounce Palladium Bar
  • 10 ounces Palladium Bar
  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

How to Get Started?

  • To get started you need to visit the website and click on the get started button on the right corner on the top right corner.
  • Then you need to fill out a form with your personal information
  • Choose the service that you are interested in (wealth management, precious metals investments, retirement planning...)
  • Schedule a free consultation with one of their experienced advisors to discuss your financial goals and learn more about their services.
  • if you decide to move forward, your advisor will help you create a customized investment plan.


McAlvany offers both traditional and Roth IRAs, as well as self-directed IRAs that allow investors to invest in alternative assets such as real estate, precious metals, and private equity.

However. if you are thinking about investing with McALvany, I advise you to contact them directly McAlvany is not transparent about which IRA custodian they are linked to or which depository they use for secure vault storage.

So  if are still thinking about investing with them, I advise you to contact them directly about their IRA custodian and depository

Reviews and Ratings of McAlvany ICA

According to McAlvany, they have received an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on 128 customer reviews. However, upon checking their profile on Trustpilot and Trustlink, it appears that they have no reviews or ratings as you can see below

McAlvany ICA Review Trustpilot

The BBB accredited their business with an A+ rating. However, when you look at their BBB profile there is no customer review or rating. Plus, they claim to have 50,000 clients in the span of 50 years! So, it is kind of unusual for a company with that big of a client base to not have any customer reviews. They are also approved by the PCGS and ICTA.

McAlvany ICA Pros & Cons


  •  they've been around since 1972.
  • BBB Accredited


  • Limited Ratings/Reviews

  • They are not transparent about the pricing

Is McAlvany A scam? Final Thoughts

To conclude, McAvany is not a scam, It's a legit company with many years of experience in the industry, and they are also accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating. 

However, the lack of transparency and having no reviews is quite concerning, especially when you claim to be highly rated by customers.

So if you prefer protecting your wealth and hard-earned money with a  more trustworthy company then I recommend checking out Augusta Precious Metals.

Thank you for reading our McAlvany review and if you have any questions or thoughts then please feel free to drop a comment below!

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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