OneGold Review: Is this company reputable or just a scam?

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What is OneGold?

OneGold Review

OneGold gives you direct ownership of vaulted gold, silver, and platinum at an ultra-low-cost. They are a precious metals company.

You can get your own precious metals through their online marketplace and platform.

Through their online platform, you can create a free account that can provide you with 24/7 access, a best-in-class user experience, and the peace of mind that comes through dealing with industry leaders.

More so, OneGold is an online platform for digital assets backed by precious metals. They have the best digital assets in terms of liquidity, security, and vault locations and provide a convenient, easy to use platform for your digital metal trading needs. Any product sold on OneGold will be 100% backed by physical metal.

Products and Services of OneGold

U.S. Products

OneGold Review

If you buy U.S. products, your precious metals are vaulted in the United States. Prices for gold, silver, and platinum are as follows:

OneGold Review

U.S. Gold, U.S. Silver & U.S. Platinum are investment-grade physical precious metals. All of their products are fully allocated and physically segregated.

Aside from this, U.S. products are comprehensively insured against physical loss or damage by Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s of London is the world’s leading insurance broker and risk adviser.

Swiss Products

OneGold Review

Swiss products offers gold and silver. They are a digital representation of investment-grade physical gold and silver that is backed up on a 1:1 basis by physical gold and silver products.

If you avail swiss products, they will be secured in facility managed by Loomis International, located in Kloten, Switzerland. Enhancing the confidence in Switzerland gold and silver, these products are fully insured against theft and loss.

Canadian Gold and Silver

OneGold Review

Canada gold and silver is a digital representation of investment grade bullion that are backed up by physical gold and silver products, stored at Royal Canadian Mint.

The Royal Canadian Mint maintains its own insurance policy for loss, damage, or destruction of precious metals while in its care as part of its risk management program.

UK Products

OneGold offers gold and silver. They are home to the world’s largest market for wholesale gold and silver trading. With its longstanding history in gold and silver, many investors prefer storing their metal in the United Kingdom.

OneGold Review

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How OneGold Works?

With OneGold, you can tailor your investing experience to fit your individual needs. OneGold customers have the unique option of buying immediately, pre-funding, and the ability to transact 24/7.

You can also use their mobile app or desktop.

Here are the steps in investing with OneGold:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Browse Products.
  3. Pre-fund or buy.
  4. Secure storage.
  5. Sell or redeem.
  6. Withdraw.

Reviews and Ratings of OneGold

OneGold Review

OneGold ReviewOneGold Review

OneGold ReviewOneGold ReviewOneGold Review

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What I LIKE About OneGold

They have Inventory Audit

OneGold has an inventory audit wherein they receive an inventory report from its vaulting partners identifying the specifics of the metal owned by OneGold and its customers. This helps investors have peace of mind since their investments are backed up by physical metal depending on the vaulting location of One Gold.

Low Storage Fees

They also have low storage fees depending on the type of storage rate like:

OneGold Review

An Online App

With everything accessible at the tip of our fingers through our mobile phones, OneGold’s App will surely make investing and buying precious metals as easy as pie.

They Offer IRA-services

More so, OneGold is in partnership with Strata Trust Company that will help you set up your Self-Directed IRA. There are three easy steps to do so:

  1. Create an account with Strata by completing an online form.
  2. Fund your Strata Account. If you have an existing IRA, transfer your funds to the Strata Account.
  3. Working with Strata, OneGold will create & fund your account and send your login credentials.

What I HATE About OneGold

A LOT of Issues

Apparently, there are a lot of account issues that I have encountered in reviews about them. So, I am not very sure if you should affiliate yourself with them!

Sometimes you can’t withdraw money or you’ll account will suddenly be lost. They also don’t respond to the issues.

Not Accredited by Trusted Websites

Sadly, OneGold is not accredited by trusted websites. This will make you doubt how legitimate they are or if they are worth your money.

Is OneGold a SCAM?

Generally, OneGold is NOT A SCAM.

You can see that they have put quite an effort into how to serve their customers through developing platforms wherein they can easily invest in gold and precious metals.

However, they should focus on the stability of their application.

Since the application will be holding your private information, it is of utmost importance that they should focus on it.

Final Thoughts

Going digital has its pros and cons.

That’s why developers and servers are doing their best to enhance the stability of their applications and software. Thus, going digital is not always the best choice especially when we can’t afford to maintain it properly.

So, given this thought, we should also take into consideration having traditional alternatives. In which our private information are well kept and will not be lost.

So, what I will recommend is GOLDCO.

Goldco is a well-trusted company. It is one of the best in the industry. So, it will best fit your circumstances whichever it is!

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Thank you for reading my OneGold Review!