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January 16, 2023

Schiff Gold Review – Are They a Legit or Scam Company? (2023)

Welcome to my Schiff Gold review!

This review will take an in-depth look at Schiff Gold and see if this company is worth investing in. Plus, this review will answer all your questions about Schiff Gold to understand better what the company is and what they have to offer.

So, let's go and find out what Schiff Gold really is.

Schiff Gold Summary Review

  • Name: Schiff Gold
  • Website: schiffgold.com
  • Founder: Peter Schiff
  • Fees: $180 storage fee per year 
  • Rating: 4/5
Schiff Gold Reviewed

What is Schiff Gold?

schiff gold Homepage

Schiff Gold company was founded by Peter Schiff back in 2010. The company offers a lot of precious metal services that helps investors achieve their investment objectives with accessible investment-grade gold and silver bullion.

Schiff Gold also offers other services, such as vault storage partners to precious metal IRAs.

When he created the company, Peter wanted to provide his clients with a reliable source of bullion. Therefore, clients would have an easier time buying precious metals and avoid losing their money by being scammed.

For many years, Peter has advised his investors to consider investing in precious metals to protect their portfolios from being affected.

When Peter started Schiff Gold, he discovered that most gold buyers were getting swindled by other gold dealers selling their products at high prices.

So, that is why he built this company by offering them a precious metal product at a low price.

Who is the founder?

Peter Schiff is the founder of Schiff Gold. He is a well-known financial adviser, writer, and investment broker. Peter Schiff also predicted the 2008 financial crisis. So, that's why he recommends people to invest in precious metals to secure their future against another financial crisis.

Furthermore, he is also the Chief Global Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. and the host of his own show called The Peter Schiff Show. He has always been a staunch advocate for precious metals as an addition to for peoples investment portfolios.

This is why his company, Schiff Gold, is dedicated into providing excellent services to customers who wants to invest in precious metals. 

Products and Services of Schiff Gold

schiff gold products

Here is the list of services that Schiff Gold offers:

The buying and selling of precious metals

If you're just getting started with gold investments, you can approach Schiff Gold to help you buy the precious metals that you need at a fair price. 

If you are looking for a buyer for the precious metals you have stored, you can reach out to Schiff Gold to help you achieve this. 

You can also sell your precious metals with Schiff Gold, even if you did not buy it from them. 

Here are the precious metals that you can buy and sell with Schiff Gold:

  • Gold coins and Gold bars like Gold Maple Leafs, American Eagle, Valcambi Combibars, and many more.
Gold Bars
Gold Coins
  • Silver coins and bars like American Eagle, 1 oz Silver rounds, 10-Oz Silver Bars, 100-Oz Silver Bar, and many more.
Silver Coins
Silver Bars
  • Platinum coins like 1-Oz American Eagle and 1-Oz Canadian Maple Leaf.
Platinum Coins
  • Palladium coins like 1-Oz Canadian Maple Leaf.
Paladium Coin
  • Barter metals which are gold and silver products that generally come in weights of less than one ounce like Valcambi, CombiBar, Canadian Maplegram, etc.

So, how do you sell precious metals to Schiff Gold?

  1. Contact a Precious Metals Specialist through phone call, live website chat, or email.
  2. Ship to them or drop off your metals in person.
  3. Once they receive your metals and authenticate them, they will send you a check for the agreed-upon price or wire your payment.

Precious metal IRAs

Schiff Gold also allows you to prepare for your retirement by coordinating with you to add precious metals to your IRA, provided with a rollover allowance.

The staff members can help you convert a 401(k) plan to IRA, where it will let you invest in precious metals. 

This kind of process requires experts to help since it comes with a risk of getting penalized by the IRS.

A secure storage vault

The IRS is against people who store precious metals in their homes if they are the underlying assets in their IRAs.

The company recommends that all Gold IRA owners store their precious metals in a safe deposit. 

The good news is that Schiff Gold offers vault storage partner services to its customers to those who live in the USA and outside the USA.

Home storage safes

If you want to buy your precious metals and store them in your house, you can talk to the staff to acquire a safe. 

Once you talk to them, they will allow you to acquire one that is suitable for your security needs.

Estate Sales

Schiff Gold can also buy large estates.

They will professionally evaluate the items in your estate and provide you with a quote.

How Does SchiffGold Work?

As I said earlier, Schiff Gold is a full-service precious metals dealer. So, it offers services that you will probably need from a precious metal dealer. The services they offer are related to how you will acquire precious metals and keep them safe. 

How to start ordering precious metals

  1. Contact their representatives and tell them about what you want to do or buy.
  2. Do what the representative tell you to do.
  3. Give them you shipping address and payment details.
  4. If you want to sell something to them, you can drop it off at a location that your representative tells you to. Below are the different locations you can drop your items off.
  • Dallas
  • Delaware
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Toronto
  • Singapore
  • Zurich

What Payment Methods Does Schiff Gold Accept?

Schiff Gold accepts payment method such as:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Checks
  • Cryptocurrency

With Schiff Gold, you can pay using cryptocurrency with BitPay compatible wallets.

They will send you an email with the payment details, such as cost, shipping fees, as well as insurance.

Furthermore, this company updates their prices for their precious metal.

You can confirm that the purchase price at the point of purchase by speaking to a Schiff Gold specialist. 

However, Schiff Gold doesn't offer any online purchases now, so you have to reach out to them for help with the purchase or sales process.

How do they ship their precious metals?

Once you have purchased the gold and silver from Schiff Gold, they will send it to you via US Postal Service, United Parcel Service, UPS, or FedEx.

The order process will take about 24-48hours, and it will take 2 to 4 days for the shipping.

Usually, the orders paid for via wire transfer get shipped faster than the order paid for via check.

Schiff Gold Ratings and Reviews

Below, are some of Schiff Gold review and ratings:

  • Google Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 based on 10 reviews
  • Facebook Reviews: 4.9 out of 5 based on 47 reviews
Schiff gold google review

They have high ratings and positive reviews from customers on Google reviews. However, the reviews left on their Facebook page is quite suspicious. 

Schiff gold facebook reviews

Their Facebook page contains a lot of reviews structured the same way as this. A lot of reviews seems to be not related to what Schiff gold offers, but instead talks about Forex trading or crypto. So, I would take the Facebook ratings and reviews with a grain of salt. Furthermore, they also have a Trustpilot page but there with no customer ratings or reviews yet.

What I Like About Schiff Gold

They buyback precious metals

They offer buybacks and they can also buy precious metals from you that are not manufactured by them.

Storage services offered

Schiff Gold has relationships with the world’s finest professional storage services. Plus, these secure vault facilities are strategically located around the world and have excellent reputations.

Aside from this, they also offer safes and vaults if you would like to store your valuables inside your home.

They can assist you with IRA rollovers

Like other companies, they can also assist you with your IRA rollovers. Furthermore, you can obtain your Gold or Precious Metals IRA with them.

What I Don't Like About Schiff Gold


Schiff Gold offers you precious metals at lower prices. However, you will not see how much they cost nor can you make online purchases. In conclusion, they are practically functioning in an old-fashioned way.

Lack of reviews about the companies services

Upon searching for the reviews for Schiff Gold, there were very limited reviews and ratings. So, I'm not very sure if you should associate yourself with them.

Lack of an e-commerce website

Right now, everything is about e-commerce. You can buy any thing you want with a click or two. So, I think they should offer this so people can easily acquire it.

Is Schiff Gold A Scam?

Schiff Gold is not a scam, in my opinion.

It is a legit company where you can earn a decent income by purchasing one of their precious gold.

Also, Peter Schiff is known in this industry as a no-nonsense man, that offers the best possible deals to its customers who need to purchase precious metals at a fair price.

However, the lack of customer reviews that this company has is not good, and a company that has been around for a couple of years shows how weak their customer relations department is.

I don't recommend this company to you, especially beginners, because it cost a lot of money.

Below, you can find my top 5 best IRA companies:

However, out of those 5, the one I recommend the most is Goldco. So, don't hesitate to check them out.

Final thoughts

To summarize this Schiff Gold review. Schiff Gold is a company that presents itself to help investors to grow their wealth without having to worry much about exorbitant precious metal prices. 

It is one that I would highly recommend this company if there were enough customer reviews to back up the nature of its services.

However, when it comes to gold and precious metals IRA, I would highly recommend GOLDCO!

They are a reputable company that's known for their quality services and guidance when it comes to investments.

You can read all about them if you click the button below!

Thank you for taking the time to read my Schiff Gold review.

You can leave your comments below!

Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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