The Royal Mint Bullion Review – Is This Company Legit Or A Scam? (2021)

Welcome to The Royal Mint Bullion review.

What is The Royal Mint Bullion? Is this a legit company to buy precious metals, or is it just another scam that only wants your money? 

Let’s find out!

In this review, we will take an in-depth review of The Royal Mint Bullion and see if this company worth looking at or it is just a waste of time and money.

This review will answer all your questions about The Royal Mint Bullion and understand more about this company and see if it is a scam or not.

Here is the structure in this review:

  • What is The Royal Mint Bullion?
  • How Does The Royal Mint Bullion Work?
  • The Royal Mint Bullion Reviews and Ratings
  • Is The Royal Mint Bullion a scam?
  • Final Thoughts

What Is The Royal Mint Bullion?

  • Name: The Royal Mint Bullion
  • Website:
  • Founder: HM Treasury
  • Recommended?: No

The Royal Mint Bullion is a company that the government runs, and they are a well-known mint and precious metals dealer.

It says on their website that the company history spanning more than 1,100 years.

They make original coin collections and gifts to celebrate special moments and offer eye-opening experiences, investment opportunities, and currency solutions.

Let’s dig in on how this company works.

How Does The Royal Mint Bullion Works

The company offers various precious metals that include gold, silver, and platinum in the form of coins and bars.

They also offer world coins and signature coins. You can check out their products in their website catalog.

Does The Royal Mint Bullion Have IRA services?

It didn’t specify if their precious metals are eligible for IRA in their list of products on their website.

Suppose you plan to retire and you want to add precious metals to your retirement. In that case, I suggest finding a company that runs as both a precious metals dealer and an IRA custodian to avoid possible complications.

Does The Royal Mint Bullion Have A Storage?

Yes, you can store your precious metals with The Royal Mint Bullion.

Here are the fee details:

  • Storage rate – The storage rate for this service is 1% + VAT annually. The company will bill you quarterly for the fees. The rate will depend on the standard daily market value of your products that are stored. Also, the invoices are distributed every 3 months.
  • Late payment fee – Here, you will be charged if you can’t pay the fee in time. The rate is 0.50% of the overdue balance, and you’ll be charged every month if the outstanding balance is not fully paid. If there’s an excess of costs, it will be donated to charity by the company.
  • Minimum storage charge – no minimum charge

Can you sell precious metals to the company?

Yes, you can sell back the products to the company. The company offers flexibility to its clients when selling at competitive rates.

The current live market price will determine these precious metals prices.

You can also send the precious metals to them via track and trace delivery service or deliver them yourself. It’s up to you.

The Royal Mint Bullion Reviews and Ratings

Here, we will see what other people say about The Royal Mint Bullion and their experiences.

The first one that we are going to look at is Trustpilot.

Here, they gave The Royal Mint Bullion a poor rating of 2.3 stars from 215 reviewers, and not just that 67% of them gave the company a bad rate.

The Royal Mint Bullion trustpilot

The Royal Mint Bullion trustpilot reviews

The other review website that we are going to see is

Like Trustpilot, it also has a bad rating as you can see that they gave the company a 2.84 Rating from 19 Reviews.

Some say it has terrible service, useless or the company is very bad.

See the image below.

The Royal Mint Bullion


The Royal Mint Bullion reviews

Is The Royal Mint Bullion A Scam?

I can say that The Royal Mint Bullion is not a scam. It is a legit company that the government runs.

However, base on what we have found, their rating is not that good as you already see there are many complaints about this company about their bad services, the product didn’t arrive and many more.

That is why I don’t recommend this company to you, and I suggest you find another company with good customer service and good ratings not like this one.


  • A wide variety of precious metals
  • Run by the government
  • It has been around for a very long time


  • Poor ratings and reviews
  • It has a lot of complaints about its services

Final Thoughts

Now you know about The Royal Mint Bullion and what this company has to offer.

The company has been around for a very long time now, and they got a variety of products to offer.

However, the company has many negative reviews and bad ratings, which makes it hard to trust this company even though the government is the one running it.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my The Royal Mint Bullion review. If you have any questions or experiences with this company, please share in the comments below.