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Investing is not a joke and the money involved in buying such valuable items is not few. So, it is a must for anyone to get to know where they will put the money that they have.

Let us start our Toronto Gold Bullion Review!

What is Toronto Gold Bullion?

Toronto Gold Bullion Review

Toronto Gold Bullion is a gold and precious metals dealer. They were founded in 2011 and have grown into a company that has 1000+ products of the most popular bars, rounds, and coins from around the world, as well as unique in-demand products that are hard to find at other bullion dealers. 

They offer the finest gold, silver, and platinum products from some of the world’s most reputable mints. 

The company also takes pride in making customers happy by providing stocks of the products that their clients are looking for.

Products and Services of Toronto Gold Bullion


Toronto Gold Bullion sells gold, they are an ideal place for Canadians to buy bullion online. They have the best gold coins and bars from Canada and from abroad. 

They have gold bars, gold coins, and gold rounds. All of the gold bullion products on their website have a purity of 99.9% or higher. The weight and purity of each of the gold bars and coins are guaranteed. 

Here are some of the gold products that they sell:

Toronto Gold Bullion ReviewToronto Gold Bullion ReviewToronto Gold Bullion Review

They put complete details and prices for each of their product. They include its specifications such as its mint, face value, diameter, fineness, weight, and mintage.

Toronto Gold Bullion Review


Aside from gold, they also offer silver products. They have numismatics, silver bars, silver coins, and silver rounds. 

For their numismatics, they offer Royal Canadian, New Zealand Mint, and Perth mint. 

On the other hand, they have silver bars at 1000 oz, 100 oz. 1 kilo, 20 oz, 10 oz, 7 oz, 5, oz, 100 grams, 3 oz, 2 oz, 50 grams, and 1 oz silver bars,

Here are some of the products that they offer:

Toronto Gold Bullion ReviewToronto Gold Bullion ReviewToronto Gold Bullion Review


Toronto Gold Bullion also offers platinum products. They have them both in a bar and in coins. 

Here are some of the products that they offer when it comes to platinum:

Toronto Gold Bullion Review

Toronto Gold Bullion Review

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Buying your Gold and Precious Metals

Toronto Gold Bullion can buy your gold, silver, and platinum. They will pay competitive prices for products that can be authenticated and fall within our buying guidelines.

However, here’s the products that they buy:

Gold Coins & Bars – 99.9% purity or higher

Silver Coins & Bars – 99.9% purity or higher

Platinum Coins & Bars – 99.9% purity or higher-

Review and Ratings of Toronto Gold Bullion

Here are some of the reviews and ratings that can be found online for Toronto Gold Bullion:

Toronto Gold Bullion Review

Toronto Gold Bullion ReviewToronto Gold Bullion ReviewToronto Gold Bullion ReviewToronto Gold Bullion Review

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What I LIKE About Toronto Gold Bullion

Shipping Partners

Toronto Gold Bullion partnered up with FastShip. This, helps the company ensure that clients can receive their orders faster than ever before. Within the FastShip policy, orders ship within 2 business days of cleared payment. Your orders are still packed with the extra care Toronto Gold Bullion Inc has become known for.

However, if you order an item that is not in stock, your entire order will ship out as soon as when your item is back in stock. 

More so, FastShip only applies to items being delivered in Canada. Also, if you have any unpaid orders, FastShip will not apply and your orders will only begin to ship once all your orders are paid. No refunds will be issued on delayed shipments.

A Lot of Payment Methods

Toronto Gold Bullion offers a lot of payment methods. They have the following:

  • Cash – same day payment upon ordering
  • Unionpay – there’s no holding period for in-store UnionPay payments
  • Debit – there’s also no holding period for in-store debit payments
  • Interact Online Debit – payment is made at the time you are placing your order. More so, it is a very safe way to make payments online, which will take you directly to your financial institution’s login page. There is a clearing time of 2-4 business days. 
  • Wire Transfer – the preferred method of payment for larger orders. Wire transfers also have the fastest clearing time of all payment types. If you select wire transfer as your payment option, we will email you our bank account details for you to make a wire transfer. 
  • Certified Check, Bank Draft, and Money Order – there may be a hold period for payments of Certified Check, Bank Draft, and Money Order.
  • Regular Checks – this goes on hold for various times depending on a variety of factors. Once your order is placed, they expect prompt payment.
  • Direct Deposits – (Refrain from doing this) Due to the liability associated with these payments, there may be a 90 day hold period for payments made in the form of direct deposit or transfer of personal/ certified cheques, banks drafts, money orders, or cash in the bank.

What I HATE About Toronto Gold Bullion

A LOT of Bad Reviews

Toronto Gold Bullion has a swarming number of bad reviews! When you look into trusted websites, they are not affiliated or accredited by them.

Does not mention IRA-eligible products or other retirement investment options

The company does not mention anything about IRA-eligible products. Though they meet the requirements for it, it does not guarantee that it will be allowed to be put in an IRA or in an investment portfolio.

Is Toronto Gold Bullion a SCAM?

Toronto Gold Bullion is NOT A SCAM.

However, given the swarming bad reviews caused by orders that NEVER arrived, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to money and investments, we should research and research well before spending money.

So, if you want to invest in a company with a guaranteed and trusted company, I would certainly recommend GOLDCO.

Goldco is one of the best in the industry! You can trust them with your money and you’ll have no problem with your gold and precious metals!

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