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August 19, 2022

GoldSilver.com Review: Learn The Ins And Outs Of This Company!

Welcome to my review of GoldSilver.com!

(Updated 2022)

Is it a scam? Can we trust them with our money? Are they worth the try?

Plenty of questions that can only be answered by getting to know this company!

What is GoldSilver.com? Why Should you choose them? What products and services do they offer? and many more!

Let's begin with our GoldSilver.com review!

GoldSilver.com Quick Summary Review

  • Name: GoldSilver.com
  • Founder: Mike Maloney
  • Website: https://goldsilver.com/
  • Price: As indicated
  • Rating: 3.5/5.0
  • What Is GoldSilver.com?

    GoldSilver.com Review

    The GoSilver.com company label themselves as the 'Global Leaders in Bullion & Precious Metals Investments.

    They offer both education and dealer services to different investors.

    Their founder, Mike Maloney, is a known advisor when it comes to precious metals. He is also a bestselling author of the following books:

    • The Great Gold, Silver & Crypto: Rush of the 21st Century (2020)
    • Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver (2008)

    He also has a video series entitled Hidden Secrets of Money. It talked about the history of money and the moving markets of today.

    Why Should You Choose GoldSilver.com?

    GoldSilver.com takes pride in the following characteristics:

    • Low Cost- GoldSilver.com offers the lowest cost of the most widely traded precious metals. The price they offer is guaranteed the best.
    • Exceptional Service- They have been in the industry for 15 years. They have helped many investors secure billions within their assets and provided support and assistance to them at any time.
    • For Investors- Their services and vault storage platform allow you to buy, sell, or take delivery 24/7.
    GoldSilver.com Review

    Services and Products Offered By GoldSilver.com

    Physical Gold & Precious Metals

    GoldSilver.com offers services where you can BUY physical gold and precious metals directly!

    They have a selling section on their website that helps you "ADD TO CART" what you want to order. They have a price for each precious metal and a box where you can put how many precious metals you want to buy.

    It also has a 'More details' section where it has a detailed description of what they are selling like weight, purity, and mint.

    It also indicates the 'Sellback Price' of the product.

    Aside from bars and coins, they also offer Gold Jewelry.

    GoldSilver.com Review
    GoldSilver.com Review

    IRA Eligible Gold And Silver

    GoldSilver.com offers Gold and Silver products that are eligible if you want a gold or precious metals IRA.

    Most individuals use their IRA since it is tax-free or tax-deferred status.

    With a "self-directed" IRA, you can invest physical gold and have different tax benefits.

    GoldSilver Eligible Gold
    GoldSilver Eligible Silver

    Sellback Your Gold And Silver

    GoldSilver.com offers you services where you can sell back your gold and silver online. However, before you can sell it back it should meet the following conditions:

    1. A bullion they have in GoldSilver.com
    2. Resellable condition, new, and without significant issues
    3. In a price that is an increment or multiple of what they sell on their website
    4. In tubes, and all coins must be within the same year

    Vault Storage For Your Precious Metals

    Through GoldSilver.com, you can have integrated storage which will provide you security for your precious metals.

    GoldSilver.com Reviews And Ratings

    GoldSilver.com is reviewed and rated by the following trusted websites:

    • BBB: 1.0/5.0-star customer rating (2 reviews)
    • Trustpilot: 4.6/5.0 star rating (1,212 reviews)
    GoldSilver Review 9
    GoldSilver Review 1
    GoldSilver Review 2
    GoldSilver Review 3
    GoldSilver Review 4
    GoldSilver Review 5
    GoldSilver Review 6
    GoldSilver Review 7
    GoldSilver Review 8

    What I Like About GoldSilver.com

    • Online Buying of Gold & Precious Metals

    If you will look on their website, there's a section there where you can directly buy and 'ADD TO CART' your gold and precious metals!

    Such convenience!

    It's like you're buying kitchen stuff for your house on Amazon.

    However, instead of a dollar or two price range, the amount ranges from ten thousand dollars and more.

    But, it is satisfying! To have gold and precious metals in a click (and spend thousands of dollars in less than thirty seconds!

    How luxurious is that!

    • Plenty of Payment Method Options

    With GoldSilver.com, you can pay using check or wire, credit card or PayPal, or even bitcoin!

    So, you'll have no worries splurging on precious metals.

    What I Hate About GoldSilver.com

    • Mixed Positive and Negative Reviews

    I think that this is the worst type of review I will see, a mix of positive and negative reviews. This is because I can't decide if it is a good choice for investment or if it is not.

    This also means that their services are not consistent with their customers. Sometimes they do good and sometimes they don't.

    So, best of luck to anyone who wants to invest in them.

    May the odds be ever in your favor.

    • Only Gold & Silver Products are Available

    As compared to companies that offer a wide selection of precious metals and their types, GoldSilver.com as the name implies only offers Gold and Silver.

    You shouldn't expect other types of precious metals here.

    • They are only dealers of gold and precious metals

    This means that they don't offer services to help you set up your Gold or Precious Metals IRA. They are just your dealers, and maybe a storage-services provider.

    You will have to hire someone to help you set up or roll over your existing IRA into a gold or precious metals IRA.

    GoldSilver.com Review: Is It A Scam?

    In this GoldSilver.com Review, we have determined that...


    However, if you are looking for a company that offers IRA services, they are not the one for you.

    But, since they are dealers of Gold and Precious Metals, you can acquire IRA-eligible metals from them to be used in your accounts.

    Final Thoughts 

    Many want to have that all-in-one place where everything is processed for them.

    So, if you are one of the many who do not have the time and leisure to do the dirty work and complicated processes, I know just what you need.

    I highly recommend then GOLDCO.

    GOLDCO is a trusted company with tons of experience and great reviews!

    They can offer you a one-stop shop for your IRA needs.

    From traditional IRAs to gold and precious metals IRAs, they will provide you with all the services you'll be needing.

    You do not have to worry anymore about anything since you'll be secured with GOLDCO.

    Click below to know more about them!

    All in all, we are talking about investments.

    Investments has risks so we must be careful and create well thought of decisions before we jump into giving all our money on it.

    Gold and precious metals IRA, though known for its economic volatility and hedge against inflation, can still have risks.

    So, before you invest money and create big decisions, read reviews!

    Like these:

    I hope you find this GoldSilver.com Review beneficial! Thank you for reading it!

    Need Information? Call Here: (844) 577-0028

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